CÎROC Raises a Glass to Summer with Limited-Edition Summer Citrus

Ciroc summer citrus vodka photo provide by Ciroc
Ciroc summer citrus vodka photo provide by Ciroc /

Summer is our most anticipated season of the year because it comes with the best perks. Think about it…summer Fridays, beach days, the hottest summer song that you can’t get enough of and of course, the fruity, refreshing summer cocktails! CÎROC, luxury brand of vodka, is preparing us for the longer days ahead with the launch of their newest seasonal flavor, CÎROC Summer Citrus.

Really quick, how is “Diddy” associated with CÎROC? 

CÎROC Ultra-Premium Vodka launched nationwide in 2003, under the parent company, DIAGEO – the world’s largest spirits and beer company.

In 2007, the spirits brand partnered with entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs, in which Mr. Combs assumed the lead on all brand management activities for CÎROC.

Now fill me in on the summer beverage.

The design of this limited edition bottle alone will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical island just as the sun was about to set.

It starts with a tangy orange and transitions into a red hot orange, all in a beautifully uniquely shaped bottle that can easily fit in a summer cooler bag. I’m not kidding! Check it out for yourself.

Ciroc summer citrus vodka
Ciroc summer citrus limited offering, photo provide by Ciroc /

About CÎROC Summer Citrus

Distilled from fine French grapes, CÎROC Summer Citrus is gluten-free and infused with a blend of natural orange and citrus flavors.

The luxury vodka resembles a “golden hour in a bottle” and opens with a sun-kissed nose of juicy blood orange and tangy fresh-squeezed citrus with hints of lime zest, finishing in a velvety smooth finish.

Honestly, this sounds like it would make a killer colorful Screwdriver.

Ciroc summer citrus vodka
Ciroc summer citrus vodka, photo provide by Ciroc /

Where to Get a Bottle

CÎROC Summer Citrus is available nationwide, for a limited time only wherever spirits are sold, and on Drizly for a suggested retail price of $33.99.

If you want to explore more within the CÎROC family, then consider taking on mixology this summer with their fruit-inspired flavor portfolio including, CÎROC RED BERRY, CÎROC COCONUT, CÎROC PEACH, CÎROC PINEAPPLE, CÎROC APPLE, CÎROC MANGO and CÎROC SUMMER WATERMELON. All the flavors are calling my name!

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Raise those glasses and cheers to a summer of love!