Miller Lite brings the bar ambiance to your home

Miller Lite offers bar candles, photo provided by Miller Lite
Miller Lite offers bar candles, photo provided by Miller Lite /

Missing hanging out at your favorite dive bar? Miller Lite understands that people are ready to pull up a barstool, grab some friends and enjoy an ice cold draft beer. Until then, why not light some Bar Smells and create that ambiance at home.

This special line of candles, aka Bar Smells, come in three scents. Dive Bar, Game Day Bar, and Beer Garden. Each candle features layers of fragrances that mimic certain aromas that everyone knows well.

From the Game Day Bar aromas of salted peanuts and jalapenos to the Beer Garden lure of warm pretzels and cracked wood, lighting these candles will bring a touch of that familiar as you sip on that refreshing Miller Lite.

The special candles were a promotion to support the hospitality industry. They sold out quickly.

If you missed out on these special Bar Smells candles, you can find other ways to create some Miller Time at home. If you are longing for that Beer Garden, add a candle of freshly cut grass, put some cans in a cooler and turn the lights on really bright. With some music in the background, it could be a fun Saturday afternoon.

This fundraising promotion was a fun idea as everyone gets excited about being able head back to their local bar, enjoy some Miller Time with others and sip on another cold beer.

More importantly, it does bring up the important point that the restaurant industry is still struggling and has a long road to recovery. Although there is light coming from the end of the tunnel, the reality is that the journey is just starting.

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Are you ready to enjoy some Miller Time with friends? What bar tradition are you looking forward to enjoying again?