“A Really Goode Job” Will Pay You $100K to Drink Wine 24/7

(Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)
(Photo by George Rose/Getty Images) /

Are you looking for job and one that pays six figures? YES. Do you love wine? YES. Can you pronounce ‘cabernet’ correctly? YES, but when drinking wine we’re more like, “caber-yay!” Looking for a place where you don’t have to pay rent and it’s not living with your parents? UM YESSSS. Then, it must be your lucky day because California-based winery, Murphy-Goode Winery, is on the hunt for a candidate who “takes life one sip at a time.”

I guess my only other question would be, is unlimited cheese included? Because then it’s a no brainer.

We’re not wine-ing about this job so tell us more!

The folks at Murphy-Goode Winery had some puns up their sleeves when they wrote the job description for A Really Goode Job, and we’re here for it. I mean these requirements are basically our Instagram captions:

  • Takes life one sip at a time
  • You didn’t choose wine; wine chose you
  • Answers, “yes, please” when someone asks you “red or white”
  • Believes Yoga in the vineyard > Yoga in a studio

Yup, already convinced. Where do I apply? 

First, you must be 21 years or older to apply. All applicants will have to submit a video here explaining why they would be perfect for this dream job. Basically, they’re looking for the creativity from Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods Harvard video.

All applications must be submitted by June 30, 2021.

Before you make any pour decisions, let me re-wine and give you some finer facts. 

The one-year position will pay you a total of $100,000, giving you $10,000 each month.

You will be required to move and live on the grounds of Murphy-Goode Winery vineyard in Healdsburg, California, but don’t worry, you’ll be given 30 cases of wine. WOW. That’s A LOT of wine.

Now let’s read between the wines and find out what will consume your time besides grapes. 

Your first 90 days will be shadowing winemaker Dave Ready Jr., which will help you acquire strong knowledge of vineyards, winery operations, and wine in general. You’ll have to help drive awareness and build demand for Murphy-Goode Winery. You will have to network and build relationships with employees, trade and consumers of Murphy-Goode and lighter duties like exploring the beautiful features of Sonoma Wine Country.

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Hm…sounds like an ideal job for James Fraser of Outlander.

Well, what are you waiting for? You’re the perfectly aged wine they want, so start recording!