Skip the wine at the Seder, serve this liqueur at Passover dinner

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While the Passover dinner, or the Seder, often has five glasses of wine at the table (four to be drunk and one for Elijah), wine doesn’t have to be the only beverage at the table. Why not incorporate Fernet-Branca, the Italian liqueur into the celebration. It could be a delightful way to feature a traditional Seder ingredient.

Passover is the Jewish celebration of the Israelites exodus from slavery. The eight day long celebration usually begins with a Seder dinner. While many families incorporate their family traditions and rituals, the traditional Seder plate features certain food items.

In addition to the unleaven bread eaten during Passover, other foods are often on the table. From a green vegetable to a paste of fruits or nuts, each food item represents a particular theme.

According to the Food Network, a bitter herb, Mar’or, is served on the Seder plate. Said to represent the bitterness of slavery, some dinners include horseradish which can be a tasty pairing to a brisket.

Instead of using a literal bitter herb at this year’s Passover dinner, consider serving Fernet-Branca. Prairie Grass Cafe in Chicago, Illinois has suggested the idea.

The bitter Italian liqueur is comprised of 27 herbs, While only a few people know the exact components of this liqueur, the aroma and taste could be a new experience for the Passover dinner.

Since Passover celebrates the exodus, the Fernet-Branca offers its own journey through flavor. While the beverage does have a unique bitter taste, the flavor evolves as it is explored. Although intense at first, the nuances of the 27 herbs evolves through each sip. As the brand recommends, it takes three sips to reveal its truth.

The Fernet-Branca could be served simply in a glass. Or, it could be served with a splash of a tonic water, similar to a Collins cocktail. In some ways, this bitter flavor might spark a new tradition at the Seder Passover dinner table.

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What do you think of serving Fernet-Branca for Passover dinner?