Free Taco Bell Hot Sauce is Being Sold for $25K

(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /

Assuming you read the Taco Bell Hot Sauce headline, your first question should be why? People understand that these hot sauce packets are free, right?

I mean I have an entire container of sauces in my kitchen that is my back up in case my Taco Bell drive-thru forgets to drop a handful in my to-go bag (which happens most of the time, don’t get me started). These hot sauces are totally irreplaceable, but would you pay $25,000 for one that tastes exactly like the one you are eating right now?

FOX News first reported on this story on March 23, but here’s what we know about some of the “rare” eBay pieces and yes, I’m giving them their own names because why not?

The Naked Sauce — This $24,999.99 collector’s item is brand new and is so rare that it’s missing the common sexy pun that is usually found on the front of the packet.

How much for Taco Bell hot sauce packets?

To be honest, I’ve seen about 100 blank hot sauces in all the years I’ve been eating Taco Bell. Holy chalupas. Are you telling me I’ve missed out on $2,499,999?

The Diablo Special — Priced at $2,500, these hot, fire and diablo sauces are North Carolina based and with the condition labeled as “new”. The description on this one reads, “Make your wildest dreams come true with these LIMITED edition Taco Bell hot sauce packets.”

Pretty sure these aren’t limited-edition because I see them right HERE on the Taco Bell site…just saying.

Now, if you can get the Taco Bell Baja Chalupa sauce and sell those on eBay then you’ll likely have a following. Better yet, if you figure out how to make and sell the Mexican Pizza, then you are set for life! #BringBackTheMexicanPizza

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More importantly, Taco Bell isn’t a part of this scam and the fast casual restaurant is taking dining to a whole new level with outdoor patios, fire pits, cornhole and booze! Taco Bell’s new buzzy location in Danville, CA, brings an elevated concept to the suburbs, with its tech-forward and social-oriented activities and we can’t wait for one to pop up nearby.