4 Ham hacks to solve your ham dinner dilemmas

If you're not a chef, food stylist or ham expert, let this be the standard by which you judge your ham's presentation.Bh H Top Ham In Pan
If you're not a chef, food stylist or ham expert, let this be the standard by which you judge your ham's presentation.Bh H Top Ham In Pan /

If ham is part of that holiday celebration, these ham hacks can ensure that the food on the table lives up to its star billing. Although many people have favorite recipes or even easy to follow cooking techniques, the reality is that everyone is always looking to the next big food trend, hack or even just delicious recipe idea. Ready to get cooking?

For many people, a holiday isn’t complete without a ham from the Honey Baked Ham Company. The iconic brand has been part of many people’s food traditions. Even if grandma never wanted to reveal her ham recipe secrets, the Honey Baked Ham Company might have been a key ingredient.

More home cooks have become more comfortable in the kitchen. At the same time, cooking fatigue has risen. Even though cooking techniques have improved, food boredom has made that favorite recipe seem a little less tasty.

How can ham hacks make that ham even tastier?

Since The Honey Baked Ham Company is the ham expert, it is sharing some easy and tasty ham hacks to make the classic dinner seem new again. According to Tim Ziga, Product Development Manager and resident culinary expert at The Honey Baked Ham Company, “Whether you’re craving a sweet and savory breakfast or want to top off your dessert, the Ham Hacks offer easy ways to enhance the flavor of everyday meals and make the day-to-day cooking tastier and more fun.”

This year, the brand is offering four ham hacks. While these ideas are meant to help use leftover ham, the ideas can apply in a variety of ways. Since food should never be wasted, these creative recipes will ensure that every last bite is savored.

Here are four tasty ham hacks.

Breakfast – Honey Baked Ham Stuffed French Toast Recipe

While bacon might be the breakfast table classic, this sweet and savory recipe is a must try. If you are making this recipe, it is important to cut the ham along its natural lines. That method ensures the perfect piece every time.

Lunch – Ham Bone Ramen Recipe

Many people have used ham bones when making stock. Why not use that ham to boost a ramen recipe. Even if you just add some pieces of ham to your favorite quick ramen, it can be quite tasty.

Also, did you know that Honey Baked Ham sells just ham bones? Next time you need that ingredient for a recipe, you can head to the local store.

Dinner – Honey Baked Ham and Veggie Stir Fry Recipe

If you haven’t fried some ham in a skillet, it is a must try. With this recipe, consider adding fresh vegetables after the ham is cooked. The skillet is already seasoned and the vegetables absorb that extra flavor.

Dessert – Vanilla Ice Cream Topped with HoneyBaked Glaze Crumble Recipe

This recipe idea might take a leap of food faith. But, if you like the combination of sweet and a touch salty, this crumble is a must try. While this idea uses the crumble on ice cream, it can be used in other recipes, too. If you like candied bacon, give this dessert idea a try.

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These four ham hacks might be the flavor boost that will have home cooks re-thinking the traditional holiday ham. More importantly, not a piece of ham will go to waste.

Do you have a great food hack or cooking technique to share?