TGI Fridays brings the heat with a Flamin Donut Chicken Sandwich

TGI Fridays Under the Big Top Menu Flamin Donut Chicken Sandwich, photo provided byTGI Fridays
TGI Fridays Under the Big Top Menu Flamin Donut Chicken Sandwich, photo provided byTGI Fridays /

Under the big top there is always excitement and TGI Fridays Flamin Donut Chicken Sandwich might be the menu innovation that guests cannot resist. Guests are ready for this over the top food experience. Hungry for a taste of the Big Top?

While the TGI Fridays CEO might not have really joined the circus, the special menu items blend the fun and excitement of fairs, amusement parks and other family friendly events into food innovations that are definitely over the top. Although it might be the flavors under the big top, the first bite might have guests over the moon.

Restaurants need to find a way to set themselves apart in a crowded space. In the past year, the delivery platform has kept favorite food on the plate for many people. But, delivery is only a sample of that restaurant experience. Many people are longing to enjoy their favorite food on a plate, not from a plastic takeout container.

Looking at the TGI Fridays Big Top launch, it is more than just menu items that capture the imagination. It is about creating an overall experience for guests. As ringmaster Alfonso Ribeiro said “Fridays is the place for celebration and fun, and I’m excited to partner with them to bring an over-the-top experience to Fridays Guests.'”

From the menu to the special on-site experiences, the restaurant brand wants to turn this offering into an event. It isn’t about a meal deal or just a one off food offering. It seems that the hope is to bring a side of happiness and excitement to guests.

Sara Bittorf, TGI Fridays Chief Experience Officer said, “As we approach warmer months and brighter days ahead, there’s a desire for fun experiences and a reason to celebrate. We hear consumers loud and clear, and we can’t wait to safely bring this extra-craveable experience to them.”

But why should you try the TGI Fridays Flamin Donut Chicken Sandwich?

The chicken sandwich wars have been the talk of the restaurant industry. It is more than just on quick service restaurant throwing some shade on social media. That chicken sandwich and its flavor is a way for the brand to stand out in the crowd.

With this menu offering, the brand combines two trends, chicken sandwich and spicy. Although some people might be weary of spicy food, the sweetness from the donut tames the flames. While you might want to eat this sandwich with a fork, it is a chicken sandwich to remember.

The Under the Big Top menu is full of fun food items. From the Amazing Blazing Pound of Cheese Fries to the Giant Churro Twists, these menu items are a twist on those fair favorites, without the worry of having to go on a spinning ride beforehand.

The TGI Fridays Under the Big Top menu is available now through June 2021. Be sure to check with local restaurants for participation and local events.

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What do you think of this new TGI Fridays menu? Will these new food options entice you to make a special visit?