Disney’s Magical Fried Pickle Corn Dog and Peanut Butter

Disneyland Corndog, photo provided by a Disney Parks
Disneyland Corndog, photo provided by a Disney Parks /

Disneyland, the most magical place on earth, is making our food dreams come true with their latest snack combo creation — a Fried Pickle Corn Dog with a side of peanut butter. Before you judge the side offering, the internet is nuts (pun intended) for it.

The Fried Pickle Corn Dog is kind of a big dill so big that the creators at Blue Ribbon Corn Dog extended its time on the menu until the end of April.

What exactly is the Disneyland Fried Pickle Corn Dog?

First thing to note, the Fried Pickle Corn Dog is only available at the Blue Ribbon Corn Dog stand located in the Downtown Disney District of Disneyland (California). DO NOT head to Orlando to track down this corn dog.

Each corn dog is hand-dipped and there is only one person working at the small booth so be patient because apparently this $13 corn dog is worth the hype.

The Fried Pickle Corn Dog has three layers —

  • First, at the center, is a hot dog
  • The hot dog is then place inside a dill pickle
  • The pickle is then coated in batter and fried to create a crunchy panko crust

Okay, so why is everyone talking about this? It’s just a hot dog and a pickle, which to most people are two items that pair well together and you’re right! There is nothing wrong with this creation.

People are debating whether or not peanut butter is the right dipping sauce for this. I mean that’s a fair debate, right? When have you ever had a hot dog with peanut butter? Or a pickle with peanut butter? Likely never, but who says you can’t try?

Disney is slowing opening up again so be sure to stop by the stand!

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Would you eat this corn dog? More importantly, when can we get one of these Blue Ribbon stands in New York? The holidays are the most magical time here in NYC and I’m sure we wouldn’t be opposed!