Whipped-Urban Dessert Lab Launches Upside Down Ice Cream

Oate Ice Cream, photo provided Urban Dessert/Ashley Meeks @jenellehamilton.
Oate Ice Cream, photo provided Urban Dessert/Ashley Meeks @jenellehamilton. /

Did you know you’re supposed to store your ice cream upside down? I feel like this is something TikTok should have taught me by now so I can feel cheated of the hack for 27 years. Whipped Urban Dessert Lab is launching their premium Oate Ice Crème collection and the packaging is actually flipped upside down!

The Scoop on Whipped Urban Dessert Lab 

Whipped Urban Dessert Lab is fairly new and was co-founded by two sisters, Zan B.R., a lawyer, and Courtney Blagrove, with a degree in nutrition and metabolism.

The ladies are co-owners of the world’s first oat milk ice cream shoppe in NYC, which actually started as a pop-up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Wow, talk about a powerful sibling duo.

The brand offers premium, dairy-free ice crème in nine varieties, including flavors like, Strawberry Shortcake, Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie and Cinnamon Apple Crisp.

The menu is entirely plant-based, dairy-free and made using natural ingredients.

They quickly gained fame and now all of their products are available nationwide and can be shipped right to your door via Goldbelly.

Digging Deeper on Oate Ice Crème

The sisters are launching new full sized 14oz containers of Oate Ice Crème in hopes to convert dairy lovers into believers.

The Oate Ice Crème includes five new flavors for spring/summer and are available at an SRP of $13 per tub.–

  • Blush Cake: If you’re more of the fruit forward dessert eater then this vanilla cake pieces folded into a blush strawberry and crème base is perfect for you.
  • PB Chocolate: Clearly if you’re a Reese’s lover then this chocolate heavy dessert paired with peanut butter chunks is calling your name.
  • Cocoa Hazelnut: Any Ferreo Rocher fan would devour this velvety chocolate mixed with hazelnut.
  • Cookies & Crème 2.0: A classic flavor that can never go wrong with a balance of cookies & crème studded with fudge cookie pieces.
  • Malted Espresso: Coffee drinkers this is for you! An espresso flavor flecked with malted crumble.
Urban Dessert upside down ice cream Oate ice cream
Oate Ice Cream, photo provided Urban Dessert/Ashley Meeks @jenellehamilton. /

Why Ice Cream Should be Stored Upside Down 

When you store ice cream tubs upside down in your freezer, it allows the partially melted sections of the container to collect onto the lid. This not only prevents ice crystals and freezer burn from the surface of your ice cream, but is one of the easiest tricks to protect the flavor and texture of your delicious treat. Who knew? Clearly not me!

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So, literally, bottoms up and enjoy!