Are you ready to enjoy Guac on the Rock with Teremana Tequila?

Guac on The Rock, photo provided by Teremana Tequila
Guac on The Rock, photo provided by Teremana Tequila /

Teremana Tequila and guacamole are always a tasty pair and it is the perfect excuse to enjoy Guac on the Rock. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, Cinco de Mayo or just because, the reality is that a free food order of guacamole on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is always a tasty food choice.

The restaurant industry looks to recover from a devastating year. At the same time, guests need to feel comfortable dining out. As everyone navigates safety protocols, the reality is that a little push to get off the couch can be a good thing.

The program, Guac on the Rock looks to encourage people to visit their favorite restaurant. Whether it is dining outside, inside or even grabbing takeout, that support of local restaurants goes beyond the food and beverages enjoyed.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said, “No better way to celebrate my 397th birthday, than with all of us helping our favorite local restaurants get back on their feet, all while drinking some Teremana and enjoying our favorite guacamole. I want to help get people safely back into our restaurants, bars and hotels. This is an industry close to my heart and one who normally gives all of us so much support year-round. These people need our help and support to get back in business.”

How do you receive Guac on the Rock from Teremana Tequila?

While this free guacamole promotion does not involve Dwayne Johnson personally making or bringing you food, it is a rebate for making a guacamole and tequila purchase. If you need a little push to place a restaurant order, free food can help.

From May 1 through May 5, at participating restaurants, guests can upload their receipt for guacamole and Teremana Tequila cocktails to A rebate up to $10 will be sent to participants via Venmo. The offer is capped at “$1 million dollars of guacamole purchased.”

All participants need to be 21 or older to participate. Rules and participation vary by state.

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Whether diners long to return to their favorite restaurant, want to help the local community or are just tired of home cooking, it is time to embrace Guac on the Rock. Is there a tastier way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?