Jack in the Box gives its Jack Head Antenna Ball a huge upgrade

(Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)
(Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images) /

How can you spot a Jack in the Box fan? The Jack Head Antenna Ball, of course. Since 1995, that quick service restaurant symbol has been part of pop culture. While it was originally sold with a Sourdough Jack, it has taken on a life of its own. With over 32 million antenna balls purchased or given away, that little piece of quick service restaurant memorabilia is legendary.

This year, Jack In the Box thinks that the classic ball needs an upgrade, a big upgrade. Through a partnership with the San Diego Padres, this gigantic installation at Petco Park might have a few people taking their eyes off the field of play. The installation is meant to represent the “history, uniqueness, and quirkiness of their partnership.”

According to Ryan Ostrom, Chief Marketing Officer, Jack in the Box, the 8-foot Jack Head Antenna Ball will be located on the right field foul pole at Petco Park in San Diego, California. Ostrom believes that it celebrates not only the hometown team but also the fans.

“With the 2021 baseball season opening to fans at a limited capacity, we wanted to find an out of the box idea to welcome them back. We know our fans love our famous Jack Head Antenna Ball and are always asking when it will be coming back. In true Jack fashion, we’re excited to bring it to life and magnify it for our fans to enjoy at one of the greatest ballparks in the country.”

How can the fans win with the Jack Antenna Ball?

Since this gigantic partnership is meant to be more than just a line drive, Jack in the Box is celebrating with a home run of a deal. According to the brand, “If the Padres hit a home run at any game this season, they will receive a free Jumbo Jack with the purchase of a large drink the day after the game.”

Even if you don’t head out to the ballpark this season, this special deal is a reason to cheer on the home team. Hopefully all this excitement will spur the San Diego Padres to a successful season.

What do you think of this Jack in the Box and San Diego Padres collaboration? Is it a grand slam home run for the fans?

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How can the fans win with the Jack Antenna Ball?