Life Cuisine adds more on trend healthy eating options

Life Cuisine with Banza Chickpea Pasta, photo provided by Lean Cuisine
Life Cuisine with Banza Chickpea Pasta, photo provided by Lean Cuisine /

Life Cuisine is ready to eliminate those mealtime excuses. Although some people might think that healthy eating options might be labor intensive or lack flavor, the reality is that convenience and smart food choices can be at your fingertips. Isn’t it time to cancel that dinner order?

Sometimes healthy eating can get a bad wrap. From bland ingredients to unsatisfying textures, those particular bites can lead people down the wrong path. Just because a food fits within certain healthy eating parameters doesn’t mean that it has to be bland and boring.

Life Cuisine has expanded its line to include a variety of healthy eating options, including low carb, high protein and meatless. Without sacrificing on flavor, these convenient, heat and go meals give consumers options while fitting into their preferred lifestyle choices.

Are the new Life Cuisine meals for everyone?

While the new offerings are targeted for specific healthy eating lifestyles, the tasty flavor combinations will have many people grabbing a container or two on their next shopping trip. With a few simple swaps, favorite dishes have a nutritional boost that could make them an even better than the original.

For example, the new cauliflower gnocchi bowl offers a light and airy version of this dish. With the vibrant pesto flavoring the gnocchi, it is a great bite. Some people might even prefer this version to a traditional one.

Also, Life Cuisine has added Banza to its meals. Made from chickpeas, it is an ingredient that allows people to focus on low-carb eating while still satisfying that pasta craving. Plus, the pasta has the texture that people want from a pasta. Overall, it is a win for everyone.

By incorporating this ingredient into its meals, favorite dishes get a little twist without straying too far from the tradition. It isn’t necessarily that concept of having cake and eating it too, but it is a good food compromise.

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The new Life Cuisine options will be available starting in June. Check with local retailers for options and pricing.