Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips comes to Orlando’s ICON Park

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips at ICON Park, photo provided by Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips
Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips at ICON Park, photo provided by Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips /

The Orlando tourist district has a new dining destination when Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips opens at Orlando’s ICON Park. In the shadows of the city’s iconic Ferris wheel, the Gordon Ramsay restaurant will be a huge draw. From traditional British fare to over-the-top shakes, foodies will want to experience everything on the menu.

For many people, Gordon Ramsay is culinary icon. From his popular televisions shows like Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef to his highly successful restaurant group, the celebrity chef has legions of fans who want a taste of his culinary world.

Over the past several years, the chef’s restaurant group has opened various locations throughout the United States. From upscale options like Gordon Ramsay Steak and Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas to casual options like Gordon Ramsay Pizza, the various dining concepts are hugely popular.

With the new opening of Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips in Orlando, the restaurant group brings the concept beyond Las Vegas. Located in the heart of the Orlando tourist district, the new restaurant will draw both locals and vacationers who want a taste of the classic British fare as well as a connection to the celebrity chef concept.

As Gordon Ramsay shared on his Instagram account, Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips is a dining destination.

In many ways, this concept should stand out in ICON Park. Even though the location is bustling with dining options, this concept and menu has a broad appeal. From that traditional bite of fish and chips to the celebrity chef connection, many people will want to take a seat at one of these tables.

Ramsay shared, “It was a real tradition for me growing up, so I’m excited to bring that nostalgia from my youth to Orlando, for all the residents that call the City Beautiful home and the millions of tourists that visit each year.”

As the restaurant’s name suggests, the fish and chips are the big draw. Just like the version on the Las Vegas restaurant menu, the fish and chips features “sustainable True Cod and (is) coated with custard powder batter.” From the crisp texture to the flaky fish, it is a bite to remember.

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips at ICON Park in Orlando
Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips at ICON Park, photo provided by Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips /

Other standout menu items include the “dirty” fries. Although the fries aren’t served with a furry of expletives, one bite might can make you think of a few colorful adjectives.

Also, the shakes are a quite indulgent way to end the meal. The Sticky Toffee Pudding Shake is a must try.

According to the press release, the restaurant will feature a variety of menu items with a focus on “classic street food.” In addition, certain secret menu items will be available.

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips Orlando is set to open in August 2021. More information on the upcoming opening date and full menu will be available at a later date.

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Are you excited for this new Gordon Ramsay restaurant? What other celebrity chef restaurants would you like to see come to Orlando?