Naturdays Frozen Icicles will be summer’s must have treat

Naturdays Frozen Icicles , photo provided by Natty Light
Naturdays Frozen Icicles , photo provided by Natty Light /

Summer fun is about to get a new beverage partner. Naturdays Frozen Icicles are here to bring a touch of nostalgia to that adult beverage indulgence. It could be time to put down the can for this new frozen refreshment. Ready to take a taste?

As the weather warms and everyone heads outside, Naturdays, part of Natural Light, has become a favorite beverage. From relaxing days by the pool or the next great adventure in the park, the light, refreshing beverage seems to be the perfect companion to all those activities.

While Naturdays has expanded its flavors to include pineapple, the summer fun is getting another twist in the form of Naturdays Frozen Icicles. Instead of just the kids being able to enjoy those frozen treats, these adult popiscles are a tasty choice for that next afternoon diversion.

What are the Naturdays Frozen Icicles flavors?

The new offering from Natural Light, the Naturdays Frozen Icicles are available in two flavors, Strawberry Lemonade and Pineapple Lemonade and are sold in a 12-count variety pack. Each ice pop has a 8% ABV.

Thinking about these frozen treats, they have many possibilities for serving. While quite enjoyable on their own, they can be used as a floater, too. For example, you could pour a can of the Naturdays into a cup and add the frozen icicles into it. It is an easy way to keep your beverage cold on a hot day. Just be careful of that higher alcohol content.

The Naturdays Frozen Icicles aren’t the only fun part of this summer. The Natty Lemonade Shake will be popping up across the country this summer. Starting this June, the summer drinking outpost will start appearing. Be sure to check out Natty Light’s social channels to find the locations.

And, if you know a thing or two about running a successful Lemonade Shack, the Natty-Qualified summer intern position is open. If you have the perfect Natty personality for this position, be sure to post your best Natty-video on social media using #NattyIntern and #Contest.

For anyone who does apply for this position, be sure to stand out in the crowd. From knowing about planning an epic summer to being a great spokesperson for Natty Light, this intern is no wallflower. If you would be the first to jump in the pool and have everyone follow, don’t miss this opportunity.

And, if you prefer to be the watcher, grab a package of Naturdays Frozen Icicles and enjoy the show. Sometimes being the observer is a good thing, too.

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What are your big summer plans? Do you have a preferred summer beverage?