Stouffer’s creates new LasagnaMac mashup

Stouffer’s LasagnaMac, photo provided by Stouffer's
Stouffer’s LasagnaMac, photo provided by Stouffer's /

Mac an Cheese is a classic comfort food that we all love dearly so when Stouffer’s shared they were mashing up the iconic dish with an even hearty dish, we couldn’t resist! Introducing Stouffer’s LasagnaMac. It’s a combination of lasagna plus mac and cheese, which clearly is the comfort food mashup we didn’t know we needed. Get your appetite ready because this is happening!

We asked Stouffer’s to give us the deep dish dive on this launch and we can already say this is going to be a hot commodity this summer.

What exactly is Stouffer’s LasagnaMac? The LasagnaMac is a first-of-its-kind mashup of creamy, cheddar mac and cheese stacked between hearty layers of classic lasagna with meat and sauce. Literally drooling over here.

We were curious about the ratio of lasagna to mac but a Stouffer’s representative shared via an email to FoodSided noted that there is no real ratio of lasagna to mac and cheese, rather it is a layer of lasagna, mac and cheese, layer of lasagna. Basically, it is a 2:1 ratio. No complaints here because we just want the cheese!

Why is Stouffer’s creating a LasagnaMac?

LasagnaMac is a consumer-focused celebratory component to their new Happyfull marketing campaign. A Stouffer’s represented shared via email to FoodSided , “We always hear that people love to eat our lasagna and Mac and Cheese together, so we thought, why not combine them in the ultimate comfort food mashup. It’s a delicious recipe that will make you both happy and full!” Now we understand why it’s dubbed the “Happyfull” campaign. Genius Stouffer’s!

We’re sold! When and where can we buy this?The disappointing news is that LasagnaMac is not for sale. WHAT. We know, this was our reaction too.

A limited number of fans will have a chance to try LasagnaMac through an online giveaway this June. Stouffer’s will select winners at random from all eligible entries, while supplies last. Be sure to follow @stouffers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Depending on the love Stouffer’s sees for LasagnaMac, they may just have to bring LasagnaMac to stores nationwide.

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What is your ultimate comfort food? Are you craving more food mashups?