Cap’n Crunch Treats takes cereal snacking to a new level

Cap'n Crunch treats bars, photo provided by Cap'n Crunch
Cap'n Crunch treats bars, photo provided by Cap'n Crunch /

While Cap’n Crunch is always a favorite cereal, the Cap’n Crunch Treats take cereal snacking anywhere. By transforming the cereal into a bar, it might be time to put down the spoon and get out and enjoy some fun. Ready to get snacking?

Cereal snacking has been a big trend. Whether it is a taste of nostalgia or newer flavor innovations, cereal has become one of a trending food. Is isn’t necessarily that people ever stopped eating cereal. Instead the various ways of enjoying cereal has changed.

With the new Cap’n Crunch Treats, two classic Cap’n Crunch cereals have been transformed into a treat bar. Available in two flavors, Crunch Berries and Peanut Butter Crunch, many people will be grabbing a few boxes on their next grocery trip.

Previously, Cap’n Crunch offered small bagged cereal snack options. Both the classic Cap’n Crunch and the Crunch Berries flavors were offered in these snack packages.

This treat bar is different. The treat bars combine the classic cereal with crisped rice. Then, it is topped with a sweet topping drizzle.

Cap’n Crunch Treats
Cap’n Crunch treats bars, photo provided by Cap’n Crunch /

Looking at the two flavors, the Crunch Berries might be the expected choice. Many people are fiercely loyal to this flavor. There is something about those colorful Crunch Berries that people cannot resist.

The Peanut Butter Crunch might be the big hit. That flavor has the sweet with a touch of salty from the peanut butter. In some ways, the flavor makes you go back bite after bite. Even when the treat bar is done, you might want another taste, but your satisfied, too. It is that flavor that you know will always make you smile.

While these two Cap’n Crunch Treats are coming to store shelves, there could be more new Cap’n Crunch items coming soon. Until then, the 8-pack bars can be purchased at grocery stores. The suggested retail price is $3.49.

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What other cereals would you like to see transformed into treat bars or cereal snacks? Are you cereal obsessed?