PEBBLES commemorative box celebrates its milestone birthday

Fruity Pebbles commemorative box, photo provided by Fruity Pebbles
Fruity Pebbles commemorative box, photo provided by Fruity Pebbles /

Ready for a rousing Yabba Dabba Do! PEBBLES commemorative box will be hitting store shelves. While the 50th birthday is golden time, this special launch brings the gifts to its loyal fans. Doesn’t the best birthday celebration come with gifts for everyone?

According to Amy Brothers, PEBBLES Brand Manager at Post Consumer Brands, “Our plan this year for PEBBLES milestone birthday has been focused on finding ways to surprise and thank fans for their loyalty, and at the same time, keep the fun and party going all year long.” This recent announcement captures that concept. While the cereal inside the box is that tasty treat that people love, the extra bonus is the prizes that could be won.

Many cereal fans will keep the commemorative box for posterity. Some cereal fanatics appreciate that the box is just as important as the food inside it. Although no one can predict, there is a possibility that this special box will become many people’s prized possession.

In addition, the box itself offers an opportunity to win prizes. The big prize is a “PEBBLES prize box that includes colorful confetti poppers, a Fruity PEBBLES -scented candle, a branded fanny pack, speaker, tumbler, 200-piece puzzle and new Post PEBBLES Crisps snacks.” Additional prizes include free cereal, Funko Pop!Figures, and even the new PEBBLES Crisps. There are many gifts that can be won during this special birthday celebration.

The PEBBLES commemorative box is just another example how the brand is looking to foster that connection with its fans. As Brothers said, “PEBBLES cereal has been part of morning rituals, serving as a catalyst for creation for kids and kids-at-heart for 50 years. We’re looking forward to continuing to inspire them to YABBA DABBA DOO! for another 50 years and more.”

PEBBLES Commemorative Box
Cocoa PEBBLES 50th birthday box, photo provided by Fruity Pebbles /

Throughout the year, PEBBLES has showcased how the brand has become part of the food and culture conversation. From baking kit collaborations to birthday specific flavors, the excitement is crave-worthy.

More importantly, the celebration proves that when a brand resonates with fans, it has lasting power. Whether this cereal was the Saturday morning food tradition while watching cartoons or it is the special cereal that parents create new memories with their kids, the reality is that multiple generations are now connected to PEBBLES. Not too many products can celebrate 50 years of food history and still be relevant today.

The PEBBLES commemorative box will hitting store shelves soon. The special packaging will be featured on Fruity PEBBLES, Cocoa PEBBLES and Marshmallow Fruity PEBBLES. The back of the box features both the entire Flintstone and Rubble families (and yes, the Great Gazoo is pictured, too).

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What is your favorite PEBBLES cereal memory? Does this classic cereal bring some Yabba Dabba Do moments to your cereal bowl?