“WTF is Boba” is Kung Fu Tea’s Latest Campaign for National Bubble Tea Day

How many of you remember drinking bubble tea in high school? It was around 2010 when the drink grew its fame for its colorful, oversized straws and the fun texture of the tapioca balls found at the bottom of the plastic cup.

Bubble tea, commonly known as ‘boba,’ has become so mainstream that there is now even an entire national food day dedicated to the milk tea based beverage. National Bubble Tea Day is on April 30 and to celebrate the holiday, Kung Fu Tea is on a mission to educate more consumers on exactly, “WTF is Boba.

Who is Kung Fu Tea? 

Founded in Queens, NY on April 30, 2010, Kung Fu Tea is America’s largest bubble tea brand with over 300+ locations across the U.S.

On the company’s 8th birthday, April 30, 2018, they founded National Bubble Tea Day to honor their growing community of fans who loved bubble tea.

The WTF is Boba Campaign 

According to the company as they’ve shared with us, the “WTF is Boba” campaign is the exact reaction people have when they are unfamiliar with boba or the concept of bubble tea.

Kung Fu Tea discovered that there is a large social following across platforms like Google, Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, and more, generally asking, “What is Boba?”

Through this campaign, Kung Fu Tea is trying to educate Americans about bubble tea/boba and they want people who have never had boba to give it a try! After all, our Instagrams need a little color given us being at home for so long.

Ok…so WTF is Boba then? 

Kung Fu Tea told FoodSided that boba is more than tapioca balls or bubble milk tea. According to the company, “boba/bubble tea represents the entire drink category.”

This means that boba is a unique creation, which you can try from their long list of 64 items. The company told FoodSided, “A taro slush, matcha milk cap, passionfruit green tea, or signature Kung Fu green tea can all be considered boba.”

The National Bubble Tea Day Deal

First, download the Kung Fu Tea app and opt-in for their daily promotions.

On National Bubble Tea Day (April 30), they are offering a nationwide offer of buy any drink and receive a $4 app credit to use between 5/1-5/7″.

Most of their drink options are $5 or less so this deal essential gives you a free drink for a later time.

Heard About the Boba Shortage

Of course we couldn’t end this article wouldn’t acknowledging the shortage.

Since Kung Fu Tea is the largest bubble tea franchise in America, they are able to store their ingredients in multiple warehouses throughout the U.S. so the shortage is not affecting them as much.

There will absolutely be shipping delays moving forward due to the shortage so Kung Fu Tea is still encouraging fans to try other drinks and topping combinations.

“We believe it would be a great time to learn more about boba and how the term does not just include tapioca pearls or milk tea,” said the company in an email to us.

So, are you going to try bubble tea for the first time or are you a returning customer?