Red Robin Bacon Bash Menu has Derek Hough dancing

Red Robin Bacon Bash, photo provided by Red Robin
Red Robin Bacon Bash, photo provided by Red Robin /

Sometimes delicious food, like the new Red Robin Bacon Bash Menu, makes you want to get up and move. Derek Hough believes that the Bacon Bash Menu will have everyone jumping for joy. Even if you have two left feet, this new limited time bacon-focused menu can bring a little rhythm to the table. Are you ready to skip to a new bacon beat?

For many people, the old phrase that everything is better with bacon is their food mantra. From savory to sweet and from morning to night, there is always room for more bacon. In many ways, the Bacon Bash Menu celebrates that concept. Bacon is the flavor boost that people crave.

Included on the Bacon Bash Menu are the following dishes: Bacon Jammin’ Gourmet Burger, Bacon Jammin’ Wings and Caramel and Cookie Crumb Shake. Which one make you get up and dance?

Ready to dance with Derek Hough and the Red Robin Bacon Bash Menu?

To celebrate the Red Robin Bacon Bash Menu, the brand partnered with Derek Hough to encourage fans to join the Bacon Dance Challenge. The idea is to “celebrate with guests” in a “fun and engaging way.” said, Jonathan Muhtar, Red Robin Executive Vice President and Chief Concept Officer. “There’s no better partner than Derek Hough to lead our Bacon Dance challenge, creating connections among fans, friends and families everywhere. Guests are letting us know that they love the new menu items, and they’re enjoying them both in our restaurants and in the comfort of their own homes.”

If you are like Derek Hough, he said, “Red Robin’s new Bacon Bash menu items are so good, you can’t help but dance.” With this TikTok dance challenge, anyone can try to impress him for a chance at a virtual “meet and eat.”

While FoodSided’s dance moves might not be as legendary as Hough’s, the new menu does seem to inspire some quick footed movement to the local Red Robin restaurant. For example, the Bacon Jammin’ Gourmet Burger and its bacon aioli seems like smooth move that mesmerizes at each turn.

On the other hand, the Bacon Jammin’ Wings with the combination of the cherry peppers and brown sugar is a like a fast paced salsa. It brings the heat, but you are really excited to step into the excitement.

Lastly, the Caramel and Cookie Crumb Shake is the seductive offering. With the oatmeal cookie crumbles and the luscious caramel, the first sip is like the first note of a tango, powerful, seductive and totally craveable.

The Red Robin Bacon Bash Menu is available now for a limited time. The TikTok challenge runs through May 3.

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What food makes you want to get up and dance? Which Bacon Bash Menu item do you want to try?