Uber evolves delivery to embrace the convenience that consumers crave

New Uber Offerings, photo provided by Uber
New Uber Offerings, photo provided by Uber /

In the past year, who hasn’t used Uber, and more specifically Uber Eats. With people spending more time in their at-home personal bubble, the platform has become the connection to the daily necessities. From that food delivery from a favorite restaurant to that forgotten grocery item, the reality is that pushing a button has become part of a routine.

Even though the platform has become an integral part of many people’s lives, Uber appreciates that it cannot remain stagnant. Consumers are always looking for new, better and, most importantly, convenience. As the world re-emerges, people want to streamline their experience. If people have learned anything in the past year, time is precious and no one wants to have added stress on the to-do list.

In a recent company announcement, Uber shared various enhancements to its platform. From new transportation options for travel to partnering with Walgreens, the company appreciates that it needs to respond to consumers’ needs.

For the food space, specifically food delivery, the changes represent a concept that many people have wanted. Sometimes one stop is not enough. Doesn’t your food order deserve all the options?

What is Uber Pick Up and Go?

Have you ever had a food craving on your way home? If you are in an Uber, wouldn’t it be convenient to ask the drive to stop at your favorite noodle restaurant and not have to wait for another ride? With the Pick Up and Go option, users can make stops on the way.

Uber food delivery changes
New Uber Offerings, photo provided by Uber /

Via the app, the user can see certain merchants and restaurants that are available on the way to the final destination. Whether it is a convenience store to grab milk for the kids or that pizza for dinner, there are many options.

Instead of having to stop, wait and order another ride share, the idea is to make the whole experience seamless. Just like a person who plans their route while running errands, this Pick Up and Go applies the same concept. A streamlined experience is just what consumers want.

What about Uber delivery your way?

From favorite dishes to preferred times to order, food reflects the person ordering it. When that long meeting comes right before lunchtime, wouldn’t it be nice to schedule the food delivery, even if the restaurant isn’t quite open yet? Modifications to the app now allow users to order ahead. Even if the restaurant isn’t quite open, guests can place an order and select the delivery time.

Even more convenient, Uber is now allowing multiple orders on one ticket. For example, some people might want a beer with their pizza, but that favorite pizza restaurant may not offer alcohol delivery. Now, users can place a pizza order from the restaurant and then request the driver to stop at a convenience store to grab a 6-pack.

The ability to stack orders on a single ticket is a game changer for the brand. From households that have different food preferences to the enhanced convenience, it seems that this app needs to be on the front page of the user screen.

With these latest innovations, it shows that Uber is forward thinking. To keep itself relevant with users, it needs to answer their needs. Convenience isn’t a perk, it is a necessity.

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What do you think of these new Uber options? Will you be taking advantage of the changes?