Better with Pepsi showcases that Pep’s Place is the beverage destination

Better with Pepsi at Pep's Place, photo provided by Pepsi
Better with Pepsi at Pep's Place, photo provided by Pepsi /

It is a simple statement but Better with Pepsi proves that the iconic beverage can go with almost anything. From that simple, iced cold refreshing straight from the can or served with a favorite food, there is always a reason to have at least one Pepsi in the house. With the additional of Pep’s Place, everyone can create the ultimate food and beverage combination.

Can you think back to the first time that you had a Pepsi? Maybe it was a fountain drink with a classic hamburger. It could be that summer barbecue when dad made his infamous ribs. Or, it could be that Friday night pizza celebration for earning a great grade on a big test.

No matter the first moment, there have been many refreshing moments over the years. One crack of the can has turned into years of beverage enjoyment.

How does Pep’s Place fit into the Better with Pepsi concept?

As part of the brand’s new campaign, the Better with Pepsi showcases how the iconic cola goes with anything. According to Todd Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing – Pepsi, said, “For years we have known that Pepsi is the perfect complement to a variety of foods. But even though consumers know that food tastes Better With Pepsi, they often still forget to order a beverage with their favorite meals,” From a favorite food to a special moment, there is always a reason to enjoy a Pepsi.

To kick off this idea, Pep’s Place is a virtual experience that coordinates cola and food delivery. Available through “major food aggregators (DoorDash and GrubHub),” this food and beverage delivery option is “where the cola comes first.”

Pep's Place proves everything is Better with Pepsi,
Pep’s Place proves everything is Better with Pepsi, photo provided by Pepsi /

Kaplan said, “With the launch of Pep’s Place, we have designed a new ‘fast beverage’ restaurant delivery concept that features a menu and experience literally built around the idea of what foods go best with Pepsi, allowing consumers at home to fully optimize their meals. We are confident that by doing this, everyone will agree – and taste firsthand – how well Pepsi goes with their favorite foods.”

When ordering, guests pick their beverage first. After that selection, guests are prompted to choose from “curated food items” based on that selection. Each “optimized pairing” is meant to “enhance the overall meal experience.”

More importantly, the food pairings show the variety of flavor combinations. From spicy chicken wings with a Pepsi Mango to a Pepsi Zero with a robust Caesar Salad, the options are numerous.

Pep’s Place uses the ghost kitchen platform that has become successful over the past year. While the restaurant industry is still struggling, the ghost kitchen has become a model where the food business has grown. By offering great food in a convenient delivery only option, many people are willing to place that order and enjoy the flavorful bites from the comfort of their home.

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How will your summer be Better with Pepsi? What is the most creative food and beverage pairing that you love?