Sonic’s new Cheesecake Blasts are available for a limited time

Sonic Summer menu items, photo provided by Sonic
Sonic Summer menu items, photo provided by Sonic /

Sonic is making it difficult to lose the “quarantine 15” because the fast food chain is now offering cheesecake and ice cream all in a cup! It’s a combination so delicious that you’re likely looking up the closest Sonic location right now.

The new offering is known as the Cheesecake Blast featuring creamy cheesecake swirled with vanilla soft serve, graham cracker crumbs, topped with cheesecake pieces and dusted with more graham cracker.

The description alone sounds perfect, but should you want to add more, you can! Based on the website order process, looks like you can add real fruit like strawberries or bananas, mix ins like cookie dough pieces or butterfinger pieces, and even more toppings, such as caramel, hot fudge or whipped cream.

Sonic is also giving fans a Strawberry Cheesecake Blast that includes all the above ingredients plus real strawberries mixed in, topped with a cherry and whipped cream.

The only downside to these cheese filled treats is that they will only be around for a limited time,  from now through June 27, so be sure to try these out before they’re gone.

Craving more than ice cream and cheesecake? Sonic is way ahead of you.

For the month of May, Sonic is introducing some southern eats to the menu with the debut of the new Twisted Texan Cheeseburger and the new Twisted Texan Footlong Quarter Pound Coney.

The Twisted Texan Cheeseburger is available at $3.99 and includes everything a typically cheeseburger would including, American cheese, a beef patty, and a toasted bun, but what makes this one tastier is Sonic’s signature chili and to add a crunch to every bite are crispy onion strings. This has “summer” written all over it!

Up next is the Twisted Texan Footlong Quarter Pound Coney, which sounds much heavier. This $3.99 footlong hot dog is a challenge for anyone to eat in one sitting, well because it’s a whole foot long. The hot dog is also topped with Sonic’s signature chili, shredded cheddar cheese, and crispy onion strings.

Reminder, these two southern items are only available during the month of May so head to Sonic to test it out! According to the brand, if you order online or in the Sonic app, you will be eligible to try one of the southern creations for half price.