Where can you find Burger King Crown Chicken Nuggets?

Burger King Crown Chicken Nuggets return, photo provided by Burger King
Burger King Crown Chicken Nuggets return, photo provided by Burger King /

Have noticed a fan favorite missing from the Burger King menu? Those Crown Chicken Nuggets were on the menu till 2011 until they were unceremoniously removed. Even though guests can “borrow” a paper crown from the king, many people want those royal looking chicken nuggets back on the menu. For some Burger King fans, they will get a regal taste very soon.

According to Burger King, the Crown Chicken Nuggets will return to the menu on May 17. A package of 10 nuggets will have a menu prices of $1.49.

While this offer is available at just 25 select BK restaurants in the Miami area, some super fans might make a special treat to satisfy that craving. Wonder what a person wears to enjoy such royal nuggets?

If 2011 is too far away to remember this infamous BK menu item, the Crown Chicken Nuggets are made with white meat. Each crispy nugget is made to look like a little crown. Basically, it is similar to the classic BK nuggets, but just shaped differently.

Whether guests choose to dip the nuggets in ranch, mustard or ketchup is a personal flavor preference. If anyone knows the King’s preferred dipping sauce or the most regal condiments, please feel free to share that knowledge in the comments section.

Although this Burger King menu return is limited to the Miami area, the company has hinted that a nation wide launch will be coming soon. Like many new and returning menu items, a smaller test run often happens before a big launch.

Grab your royal robes, prepare chariot and head to Burger King. The Crown Chicken Nuggets are waiting for the loyal BK subjects.

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What is your favorite fast food menu item that you wish was still on the menu?