Melissa Rauch talks mom struggles, favorite foods and family memories, interview

Melissa Rauch for Hood Milk, photo provided by Hood Milk
Melissa Rauch for Hood Milk, photo provided by Hood Milk /

While Melissa Rauch might be remembered for playing Bernadette on the Big Bang Theory, the talented actress and mother has many relatable moments just like any other mom. From her love of Target to the struggles that often fill a mom’s busy day, she finds balance between putting family first and keeping herself on that always full to-do list. Luckily, a few food choices help to keep her and her family moving forward.

Everyone, but parents especially, have had a few struggles in the past year. For Melissa Rauch, she too found a few things a little more difficult than other. Like many moms with younger children, it really comes down to one thing, sleep.

Rauch said, “My biggest struggle is that sleep is hard to come by, but the upside is the sleep I do get is not taken for granted!” While the struggles might be cumbersome, the reality is that wins are that moment to cheer.

Like many moms, all the extra time together has been a good thing. For Rauch, her biggest win “is that we really cherished the little moments and extracted as much joy from simple pleasures that we would’ve otherwise taken for granted. Getting back to basics became a recipe for fun. Building forts, baking together, crafting.”

Sometimes those simple pleasures can influence a family’s food choices. Although every family is different, Rauch has found a few concepts that work for her family. Specifically, she said, “I do my best to just avoid processed foods as much as possible. If you don’t have them in the house – your kids can’t make them a part of their daily routine. I try to always have fresh fruits and veggies to snack on and I think cutting anything into shapes is always a great way to make food fun!”

While making food fun is important, the table can be the place to add a little learning to the plate. Although dinner time may not be a conversation of “string theory,” it can have some learning woven into each meal.

Rauch shared, “I also try to double mealtime as educational moments, not only on nutrition, but science as well. Hood Milk has an updated design on their LightBlock Bottle which takes even more measures to protect the milk and maintain its fresh taste. There is a great experiment that Hood came up with called “The Science of Light” that explains this concept and it’s such a wonderful one to do with the kids using their awesome bottle. We had a blast doing it! If you go to you can find instructions on the experiment with your kids.”

What favorite food does Melissa Rauch always have in the house?

Whether or not every family is ready to turn the kitchen table into a science lab isn’t necessarily the point. The reality is that having tasty food with good nutrition that the whole family enjoys is more important than ever.

For Rauch, there is one food staple always in her refrigerator. “Berries of any kind. Berries, berries and more berries! We can’t replenish them fast enough. And if I’m on the east coast Hood Dairy Milk! It’s the taste of my childhood!”

At the same time, she understands that sometimes there is a little fun at the table, especially when it comes to her husband’s eating habits. Sometimes it is important to enjoy those child-friendly foods.

As she shared, “Well, my husband tends to eat like a five year old. He wouldn’t mind me saying so…he’s quite proud of it. We were at a restaurant once and there literally was a five year old eating Mac and cheese clearly off the kid’s menu and he said ‘I’ll have what the young lady is having.’”

In many ways, that lighthearted sentiment is an idea that many parents appreciate. Occasionally, family celebrations and milestones are as much a celebration for the parents as it is for the kids.

Rauch agreed, saying, “I think a lot of parents spend their entire lives trying to find an adult way to justify sheet cake. And why wouldn’t we? It’s delicious! But truly, so many of the milestones are markers of memories that the kids may not fully remember, but they are etched into our hearts forever.”

Whether that slice of sheet cake is served with a glass of Hood Milk or a scoop of ice cream is only part of the conversation. It is about creating those last family memories that bring smiles long after the last cake crumb has been eaten.

As the world starts to re-emerge, Melissa Rauch very candidly shared an idea that many moms can appreciate. That Target run is on her to-do list this summer. She said, “honestly just going back to Target. It’s been a while, old friend! And I’d like to see some humans again. Humans and Target sounds like a real summer of fun.”

Whether summer fun is a Target run, a cold glass of Hood Milk, or a family tradition returning to the table, the truth is that families are ready to make some new memories.

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What is your family food tradition? Are your summer memories forever tied to favorite foods?