Blue Moon Honey Daze will be your summer barbecue companion

Blue Moon Honey Daze, photo provided by Blue Moon
Blue Moon Honey Daze, photo provided by Blue Moon /

As the sun sets on another warm summer day, a cold Blue Moon Honey Daze is waiting to bring crisp refreshment in that first sip. Whether drunk straight from the can or poured into a chilled glass, that American Wheat Ale is mesmerizing with its slightly hazy appearance. Are you convinced to try one yet?

Blue Moon made a name for itself with its Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale. What started as a small Colorado offering is now a major player in the beer world. The Molson Coors beer has a variety of seasonal beverages in addition to its flagship Belgium White.

With the Blue Moon Honey Daze, the somewhat lighter American Wheat Ale has a touch of sweetness from clover honey. Although that hint of honey is apparent, the flavor is balanced with citrus. The combination of sweet yet bright makes it a delightful, refreshing sip on a hot day.

As a summer wheat beer, the beverage is light-bodied. Although not a shandy, the light-bodied beer has more character than a traditional “light beer.” That flavor can have many beer drinkers who want an easy sip choose to grab this can over other “light.” options.

Given that this beer does have a lower ABV, it is a sessionable beer. Although drinking too many beers on a warm day can be a questionable choice, it is quite an easy sip on a leisurely afternoon.

Since the Blue Moon Honey Daze has a slight hazy quality, the honey golden color invites some drinking contemplation. While it can be nice to lose yourself in between the sips, it is an enjoyable experience. From the malty notes to the low hops, the beer seems to let the noise just fade away.

With the summer season approaching, the Blue Moon Honey Daze might be a summer barbecue’s perfect companion. While the flavor is adaptable to almost anything that could be found on the grill, a few particular parings seem to shine.

For example, a beer can chicken would be a great choice. With a few herbs de provence, the flavors would be summer grilling perfection. Just remember a little drizzle of lemon juice to finish the dish.

From smoky ribs to even a summer berry cobbler, the Blue Moon Honey Daze could become the favorite summer beer. It lends itself to opening another can and testing the food pairing possibilities.

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The Blue Moon Honey Daze is available in stores now. Check with local retailers for availability.

What is your favorite summer beer? Do you pair your beer with the food on the grill or stick to just your favorite beverage?