Mason Dixie adds frozen breakfast sandwich to its CPG lineup

Mason Dixie breakfast sandwich, photo provided by Mason Dixie
Mason Dixie breakfast sandwich, photo provided by Mason Dixie /

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s also the meal so many of us look forward to each day. It’s the first meal that will set your mood for the rest of the morning. Mason Dixie is here to change the breakfast game with the first and only clean-label frozen breakfast sandwich.

First, who is Mason Dixie? Owner, Ayeshah Abuelhiga, quit her corporate job seven years ago and turned to her dream of having her own small business with customers waiting in line for homestyle biscuits.

Mason Dixie started as a Washington, D.C. pop-up restaurant in 2014, specifically known for its soft and buttery biscuit breakfast sandwiches.

Similar to other small businesses, Mason Dixie was forced to close in 2020 due to COVID.

Ayesha didn’t stop there because the restaurant style biscuits are back and thriving as a part of the Mason Dixie consumer packaged goods business, which the company told us is available in over 6,000 retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods (single-serve at $3.99) and Publix (2-pack at $6.99).

Mason Dixie has always believed that you, “gotta risk it for the biscuit,” and we’re sure glad they did because their signature breakfast biscuits are now available in Buttermilk and Cheddar and likely to become your favorite breakfast go to.

The clean-label frozen breakfast sandwich is 340 calories and made with 100% real egg, nitrate and artificial preservative-free sausage and their simple-ingredient classic biscuits.

Breakfast can now be made in less than two minutes because that’s all the time you need to pop this sandwich in the microwave.

Pro tip, place the sandwich on top of a damp paper towel to ensure the sandwich comes out with just the right amount of fluffiness.

FoodSided attended an event with Mason Dixie and learned some fun facts about the brand including —

  • The Mason Dixie restaurant customers were the inspiration for the breakfast sandwich
  • The breakfast sandwich was in the making for 5 years
  • Mason Dixie breakfast sandwich is 100% egg certified
  • The CPG line also includes sweet rolls, which was created by accident
  • Mason Dixie now offers 18 SKUs including scones and rolls
  • Mason Dixie is 69% women led

Will you give Mason Dixie a chance at your breakfast table next time you’re in the frozen grocery aisle?