The biggest summer wine trend will have everyone celebrating

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What bottles are chilling in the wine fridge? According to Drizly, the biggest summer wine trend is ready to pop. Is your wine glass ready to be filled?

As more people prepare to leave the indoors behind and celebrate all that summer has to offer, there are many reasons to have cocktail. While free beer can entice people to enjoy a sip and cocktail shakers are ready to be used, some people prefer to just open a bottle of wine. But, which wine is trending?

According to Drizly, champagne or sparkling wine will be trending this summer. Since everyone is finding a reason to celebrate, bubbles are being chilled. While it might not exactly be the Roaring 20s, there are many special occasions back on the calendar to celebrate. From weddings to graduations to just the appreciation of an effervescent beverage, the corks will be flying.

Which sparkling wine brands are contributing to this summer wine trend?

The recent sparkling wine trend is quite clear based on sales. Drizly says that one out of four wines sold is a sparkling wine. While many people might be celebrating, it could be more than just a special occasion.

Sparkling wine can pair delightfully well with a variety of food options. From a simple apertif to an end of a meal dessert, there is always a reason to pop open another bottle.

According to Drizly, some popular wine trends that are seeing a surge in popularity include Papi, Pol Remy, Andre Clouet, Armand De Brignac, and Beau Joie. As seen with these sparkling wines, there are a variety of price points. Just because bubbles bring the celebration doesn’t mean that the price tag has to be super expensive.

Since not all sparkling wines are the same, it is best to find a flavor profile that appeals. From dry to sweet and fruit forward to acidic, understanding the flavors in the various wines and style can be important to choosing a wine that is enjoyed versus just drunk.

Even the style of bubbles is important. Even though Don Ho sang about tiny bubbles, not all sparkling wine bubbles are the same. It is important to appreciate the differences before taking the first sip.

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In the end, this summer wine trend is one that everyone is ready to pop open. What sparkling wine will you be sipping on a warm summer night?