Curtis Stone reveals his two absolute favorite desserts

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As a judge on the new Crime Scene Kitchen, Curtis Stone had to taste many sweet treats. While those culinary detectives tried to solve the dessert mysteries with a handful of clues, Stone is an open book when it comes to his favorite desserts. One is a taste of his childhood, and the other is a traditional dessert of his native Australia.

Ahead of the Crime Scene Kitchen premiere, Stone spoke to FoodSided about the FOX culinary competition. As a judge, Stone sampled quite a few desserts during the taping. While he didn’t reveal any show secrets, he did share two dessert types that are his favorites.

Specifically, Stone said, “I love everything chocolate.” While that emphatic statement might have many foodies agreeing whole heartedly, the truth is that his reasoning is quite endearing.

Stone shares, “One of my first memories in the kitchen is making fudge with my gran, Maude. It resonated so much that I named my first restaurant after her.”

While he did not elaborate on that particular recipe, the statement shows that everyone has a favorite food memory that influences their path. Although people may not realize it in the moment, those childhood experiences around food can leave a lasting mark on their food journey.

Similar to Stone’s story about fudge, many people can relate to the concept of a favorite flavor that instantly calls to mind a story about grandpa and summers at the lake. Or, a particular aroma can create a flash of an image of mom standing by the stove. Food and memories are forever intertwined.

While fudge has a family tie, Stone has another dessert preference that is classic from his homeland. Stone shared, “Aussies love a pavlova. They can be absolute showstoppers and seasonal, one of my favorites being with passion fruit and mango.”

Although Aussies might love pavlova, that dessert is not always the easier recipe to master. The delicate meringue with the crisp edge which reveals a pillowy center can make many foodies swoon. Like the dancer from which it gets its name, this dessert seems to float across the plate effortlessly. But, anyone who has made one appreciates the effort behind that delicacy.

Whether or not one or both of these desserts appear on Crime Scene Kitchen remains to be seen. Be sure to watch the new FOX show on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST to see.

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What is your favorite dessert? Is it mixed with a special food memory?