5 unique Starbucks locations that are worth making a special trip

(Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images)
(Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images) /

While that coffee might be part of many people’s morning routine, these five unique Starbucks locations will have people longing to sip and savor that latte. From the impressive design to the connection to the locale, these locations are not just another drive-through.

Although some people joke that there is a Starbucks on every corner, the reality is that some unique Starbucks locations do exist in the United States just like they do around the globe. Even though the menus might be similar or the same at every locale, the reality is that some of these special stores have a different vibe.

For example, the Pike Place Market location is bustling with energy. From the vintage style manual espresso machines to the well-worn sign, many people make a point of visiting this location.

While that classic mocha or even flat white will taste just as good as your local barista’s special touch, there is a unique characteristic to this location. It does not sell food, only beverages. As stated in the original lease, food could not be served and the tradition hold today.

Austin always embraces its weird side. From the music to the art, the Texas town appreciates that it never blends. At the store at 3rd & Lavaca, the music-inspired store has had many people singing its praises. From the microphone chandeliers to the nod to the locale’s connection to the railroad, this store definitely hits a high note.

Continuing the music story, the New Orleans store at Canal St. & St. Charles fits right in with the vibe of the French Quarter. With a creative backstory of an apothecary merchant, the gigantic table is balanced with an impressive trumpet chandelier.

While music might hit the right notes, Las Vegas always embraces the spotlight. At The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Starbucks, the vibrant art installation by French artist and photographer Georges Rousse will make you wonder if your eyes are seeing correctly. The changing perspective could be just the good luck charm that people need after crapping out at the tables.

Lastly, the Ketchum, Idaho location at the Ketchum Town Center seamlessly blends into the majestic views. Keeping with the ski resort feel, it embraces nature at every turn.

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While these unique Starbucks locations deserve a second look, it might make you appreciate the little nuances in your local stores a little more, too. Shouldn’t that coffee come with a side of contemplation?