Laverne Cox and SodaStream make a difference one rainbow at a time

Laverne Cox SodaStream Rainbow Story limited edition sparkling water maker kit, photo provided by SodaStream
Laverne Cox SodaStream Rainbow Story limited edition sparkling water maker kit, photo provided by SodaStream /

Laverne Cox and SodaStream are both advocates for change. Whether it is the fight for equality or the mission to protect the planet, both of them appreciate that community efforts can and do make a difference in this world. At the same time, standing up for a belief is not easy. Like the rainbow that shines after a rainstorm, the vibrancy of leading the way cannot be overshadowed.

During June and Pride Month, the LGBTQ+ community is celebrated. While the rainbow flag might be waving proudly, the journey to that moment was not always paved with sparkles.

As part of the Cox and SodaStream partnership, the animated film, “Rainbow Story” showcases Cox’s journey. While there have been challenges, those difficult moments have made her stronger. Like that superhero stories from many movies, the struggles made the woman.

Here is “Rainbow Story” from Laverne Cox and SodaStream.

From personal achievement to broader change. Cox is always ready to stand tall for her beliefs. Even though some people might be less accepting of the evolution, the changes cannot be hidden behind the clouds of disbelief.

While Cox’s story introduces this campaign, SodaStream brings the value of self-expression into everyone’s lives. With the limited-edition Rainbow Story sparkling water maker kit, each person can customize the kitchen essential. From a simple pattern to an intricate mosaic, being able to personalize the machine is a welcome addition to the company’s portfolio.

The collaboration between these movements showcases that change is never single faceted. While some people might want a world that is filled with black and white simplicity, the reality is that even shades of grey have become limiting. Each colorful conversation bleeds into another. When people are willing to adapt, a multitude of doors are opened.

The SodaStream Rainbow Story limited edition sparkling water maker will be available on the brand’s website. Maybe if enough people request this offer, it could become available in a wider release.

As the “Rainbow Story” video ends, it encourages everyone to look for the “love of tomorrow.” From helping the planet by reducing waste to embracing all members of the community, let that rainbow be a connection for everyone. Even though it wasn’t easy for Kermit to be green, he did know that a rainbow connection brought together lovers, dreamers and everyone.

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How are you making a difference in your community? What connections have made you stronger?