Strainge Beast Hard Kombucha snares your taste of curiosity

Strainge Beast Hard Kombucha, photo provided by Sierra Nevada
Strainge Beast Hard Kombucha, photo provided by Sierra Nevada /

From the label to the first pour, Strainge Beast Hard Kombucha is not just another cocktail. Created by Sierra Nevada, this line of hard kombucha might seem a little prickly based on the labels, but the elixir inside tells a different tale. Is it time to unleash the beast?

Many people drink kombucha not just for the flavor but for the benefits from the fermented tea. From the slight effervescence to the nuanced taste, this beverage chooses to stand out in the sea of sameness.

With the Strainge Beast Hard Kombucha, this beverage is not part of the morning wake-up call. Since some flavors have 7.0% ABV, this beverage is that single sipper meant be savored, not chugged.

How does Strainge Beast Hard Kombucha capture your beverage curiosity?

Since the beverage aisle is filled with so many canned beverages, it can be hard to stand out in the crowd. From the beers to the hard seltzers, there many options but many of them are in the category. The blend of flavors with a nod to the savory make this beverage quite different from other choices on the shelf.

Since kombucha starts with tea leaves and water, the addition flavors need play off those initial ingredients. With the Strainge Beast, the blend of fruits, flavors and herbs seamless do that. In a way, each beverage combination is like a delightful recipe that hits all the senses.

In this line, there are six flavors. Two beverages are 100 calories and lower ABV. They are raspberry, golden kiwi, elderflower and watermelon, sea salt, lime and mint. These beverages might be lighter in ABV and calories, but they are extremely flavorful.

For a slightly sweeter option, the elderflower is a perfect choice. A little floral, yet luscious, this hard kombucha is lovely as an apertif or a mid-afternoon sipper.

The watermelon sea salt is perfectly refreshing. On a hot day, the combination of slightly briny, bright flavors seems to bring a cool breeze to the experience.

In the fuller bodied line, the four flavors include ginger, lemon, and hibiscus, grapefruit, lemon and cucumber, blueberry, acai, and sweet basil and passion fruit, hops and blood orange. For the drinker who is looking to expand into the hard kombucha beverages, the passion fruit, hops and blood orange is a great choice. It has a slight connection to beer. The flavors are approachable.

The grapefruit, lemon and cucumber makes for a delightful brunch cocktail. Instead of a traditional mimosa, this beverage brings the citrus notes but in a different way. With the acid, it cuts through those hearty brunch dishes and still stands up on its own.

Overall, the Strainge Beast hard kombucha is a wonderful option for the drinker who wants to step away from the beer and hard seltzer. Even though the live cultures add that burst of tanginess, the reality is that people will want these drinks for the flavor combinations. Once Strainge Beast has you within its grasp, it will never let you go.

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Have you tried Strainge Beast hard kombucha? Do you think that its flavors could snare you?