Oikos Blended is the yogurt you can eat with a fork, yes really

New Oikos Blended, photo provided by OIKOS
New Oikos Blended, photo provided by OIKOS /

Tired of yogurt that falls off your spoon? Oikos Blended is changing that yogurt eating experience. Don’t you deserve a creamier, fruit packed bite?

Anyone who eats yogurt can agree that not all yogurt is the same. Even in one household, kids might turn to that colorful, sweeter choice. Parents would prefer an option packed with fruit. But, what if everyone could be challenged by a new way to eat that yogurt?

The new Oikos Blended takes Greek yogurt in a different direction. Not only is each bite a luscious, creamy yogurt, the bigger fruit chunks make it even more enjoyable to eat. With 50% more fruit, this yogurt might be as much about the fruit as it is the yogurt. It is one of the reasons why you can eat it with a fork.

Available in six flavors, strawberry, peach, cherry, blueberry, vanilla and anything but plain, these yogurts seem to bring the fruit stand into each flavor. The sustainably sourced, non-GMO Project Verified yogurt is vehicle for all that fruit flavor. In some ways, this offering is almost better than that yogurt parfait.

Finding a yogurt that appeals to everyone in the house can be chore. While parents want good nutritional options, kids want something that is fun to eat. When a choice checks both boxes, it is a winner.

Thinking of the Oikos Blended, the strawberry and blueberry flavors will be big hits with families. The traditional flavors with extra fruit make for an easy breakfast or even a quick snack.

While this yogurt doesn’t necessarily have to be transformed into a heartier dish, the reality is that adding a little granola on top or even some nuts would boost the enjoyment even more. Sometimes the added texture adds to the satisfaction.

This new yogurt option seems to follow the healthy eating food trend. While consumers want convenience, they want food options that cover all the categories. Good for you choices need to bring big flavor and eating satisfaction. When a brand can deliver everything in one option, it will quickly become a popular choice.

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Look for Oikos Blended on store shelves, in the refrigerated section. Prices may vary.

Are you ready to dig into a bold yogurt for an epic eating experience? With Oikos Blended, you might want to skip the spoon and grab the fork.