Forget frosé, toast to creamsicle summer frosty fun

Coors Seltzer Orange Cream Pop partners with Tipsy Scoop, photo provided by Coors Seltzer
Coors Seltzer Orange Cream Pop partners with Tipsy Scoop, photo provided by Coors Seltzer /

It is time to put the frosé back in the freezer because summer 2021 is all about the creamsicle. If you haven’t cracked up a can of the Coors Seltzer Orange Cream Pop there is another reason to toast to summer refreshment. This time, you might need a spoon.

This summer Coors Seltzer has partnered with everyone’s favorite ice cream maker, Tipsy Scoop to offer an alcohol-infused ice cream. Described as, a “nostalgic blend of orange and vanilla with a touch of sweetness to taste like orange cream soda,” this frozen treat is a summertime delight. Combining the flavors of the hard seltzer and the creamsicle ice cream together it is the adult version of an orange cream soda, but requiring a spoon.

Elizabeth Hitch, Marketing Director of Hard Seltzers at Molson Coors, said, “Inspired by the nostalgic orange creamsicle we typically see as a popsicle, Coors Seltzer Orange Cream Pop Ice Cream by Tipsy Scoop is an upgraded summer treat for the ultimate refreshment.”

While this special summer time creamsicle treat is quite delightful straight from the container, it could make an epic ice cream float for summer. Since some people prefer to drink their dessert, this option might be the star of the summer gathering.

Thinking about making a creamsicle float, simply add a scoop or two of the Tipsy Scoop ice cream to a glass and pour some of the Coors Seltzer Orange Cream Pop on top. Whether you slowly let the ice cream melt or switch from straw to spoon, the summer treat is perfect on a warm day.

Also, you could use another Coors Seltzer flavor as a twist. The Lemon-Lime might add a bright, citrus twist. And, for good measure, add a garnish of an orange slice to the glass. If the orange falls into the glass, no worries. Alcoholic fruit is always a tasty way to boost vitamin C intake.

The special, limited edition creamsicle ice cream will be available at the Tipsy Scoop barlours in New York City and available to be shipped via The alcoholic ice cream is 5% ABV.

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What nostalgic summertime treat deserves an “adult” upgrade? Anyone ready to take on the fudgsicle or bomb pop?