Popeyes Summer Road Trip brings daily offers and big wins

Popeyes Summer Road Trip , photo provided by Popeyes
Popeyes Summer Road Trip , photo provided by Popeyes /

It is time to get off the couch because the Popeyes Summer Road Trip is here. For 12 Days, June 27 through July 8, the quick service restaurant that boasts Southern hospitality is ready to roll out the red carpet with special deals and a huge giveaway. Ready to roll out to the next virtual destination?

Exclusively shared with FoodSided, the Popeyes Summer Road Trip is both a daily digital offer and a huge prize giveaway. First, each day of the road trip guests can receive a digital offer. Available for 24 hours only, the restaurant special is redeemable via the app or online. But, once the 24 hours has elapsed, the offer is gone.

Although each daily offer is being kept under wraps, it will be something that guests crave.  Thinking about all the delicious food on the Popeyes menu, there are many possible tasty options.

In addition to the daily deal, guests will have an extra entry into the grand prize sweepstakes for taking advantage of each daily offer. While there is an instant win prize, everyone wants to win that $50,000 grand prize. Just think of the epic road trip that those winnings would offer.

The new Popeyes Summer Road Trip Promotion comes on the heels of several big Popeyes announcements. First, the Popeyes Rewards program offered guests a special introduction promotion with the Welcome to the Family Meal. While that first taste was delicious, the rewards for satisfying that fried chicken craving keeps guests coming back. Just like that Southern hospitality, the Popeyes Rewards program makes the guests feel valued.

Also, the quick service restaurant just added both a lemonade and a strawberry lemonade to the menu. Available in both an iced and frozen version, the Popeyes lemonades are the perfect beverage complement to all its menu items. Whether enjoyed with a meal or on their own, it is the perfect thirst quencher for the summer, especially a summer road trip.

And, if you can’t decide what to order, there’s the I Don’t Know Meal for a limited time. Sometimes having someone else make that food decision makes life easier.

Although each daily offer in the Popeyes Summer Road Trip has yet to be revealed, hopefully those new Popeyes lemonades will be an offer. Then again, every item on the Popeyes menu is rather tasty. It will be hard to miss any of these 12 days worth of deals.

The Popeyes Summer Road Trip Promotion runs June 27 through July 8. For more information, please visit www.popeyes.com/roadtrip.

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What Popeyes offers would you like to see as part of this promotion? Are you ready to get rolling to Popeyes?