Summer fun with Chairman’s Reserve Rum!

Chairman's Legacy Rum, photo provided by Chairman's Legacy Rum
Chairman's Legacy Rum, photo provided by Chairman's Legacy Rum /

Put some sizzle in your twizzle with Chairman’s Reserve Rum from Saint Lucia! Rum Runners, Mia Tias and Jungle Birds – tropical rum drinks are made for fun in the sun. So let’s have some fun with rum!

The best rums make the best cocktails. Kigan Jo, NY Brand Ambassador @chairmanreserveofficial recently shared his favorite rum cocktail made with Chairman’s Reserve Rum: The High Karate Cocktail. Mix Chairman’s Reserve Rum with fresh pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice and maple syrup. Shake with ice in a cocktail shaker and strain into a coupe glass (like a daquari). The secret is to use the best quality rum with fresh juices. Perfect to sip by the pool this summer!

If you prefer a fancier rum to drink neat, Chairman’s Legacy Rum will be your new favorite rum. Just in time for summer sippin’, Spiribam, Fine Rum Specialists known for Saint-Lucian and Martinique premium rums announced the arrival of Chairman’s Legacy Rum to the United States. This is the best news for those of us who truly love this tropical libation!

Chairman’s Legacy Rum celebrates the legacy Laurie Bernard, per the brand’s website. Paste Magazine notes that Laurie was a founding family member who held the title of “chairman” at the Saint Lucia Distillery. He is often referred to as  “Father of Saint Lucian Rum”. The aroma of Chairman’s Legacy is as smooth as the taste of this lovely rum. A whiff of sweet honeyed fruit and a touch of vanilla aromas. Flavors of nutmeg, tabacco, charred pineapple and vanilla brown sugar. Drink as the islanders do and add Chairman’s Legacy to coconut water or drink neat.

If you enjoy rum in your glass, you will love it in your food! According to has an excellent guide for cooking with rum. And not just rum cake. As with wine, choose a rum you enjoy drinking to add to your food because your food will pick up the nuances of the rum in the final product. You can use rum to deglaze a pan to make a sauce, flambe a dessert, or marinate pork and chicken. In the article Nigel Jones, the chef and co-owner of the newly opened restaurant Kaya in San Francisco is quoted as saying, “At the end of the day, just be creative with it—don’t overthink or overdo it,” he says. “When you cook with rum, it ultimately serves you well as an accentuating element, not necessarily the focal point.”

One of the favorite rums of the summer is spiced rum. Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum is not just any spiced rum. It has a lovingly balanced with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, allspice, lemon, and orange peels. All the flavors that are perfect in tropical cocktails. Visit Bar None Drinks to find 113 spiced rum cocktail recipes including Banana’s Foster (banana, banana liqueur, spiced rum, vanilla ice cream), Calypso Cooler (dark rum, grenadine, lemon lime soda, lime juice, orange juice, peach schnapps, spiced rum) and Jamaican Bahama Mama (coconut cream, grenadine, orange Juice, pineapple juice, spiced Rum, white Rum). You can make a different rum cocktail every day this summer and never run out of fun recipes to try!

Which Chairman’s Reserve Rum will you be sipping pool side this summer?