Dale Talde is All Up In My Grill on his new Tastemade show, exclusive

Dale Talde on All Up in My Grill, photo provided by Tastemade
Dale Talde on All Up in My Grill, photo provided by Tastemade /

From his appearances on Top Chef to his celebrated restaurant Goosefeather, Dale Talde has always brought creativity, bold flavor and personality to the table. While he might create “food that is in your face,” the fun is always a key ingredient. In his new show from Tastemade, All Up In My Grill, Talde proves that the outdoor kitchen is the place to be.

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Dale Talde about his new Tastemade show, All Up In My Grill. While food television fills every hour of the day, his approach to this show is different. Just the name alone seems to personify what he is trying to do with the show. As he said, “it’s all about the grill,” “it’s light, but it’s all fun.”

This new show finds the right blend of entertaining and informative. While there are teachable moments, there are times when people are going to laugh. In the first episode alone, viewers will relate to Talde’s rant on grilling tools and it definitely will leave people laughing (not to mention the ice cream truck interlude.)

In some ways, that nod to having fun is part of the reason why this show captivates. Talde candidly said, “the reality is people aren’t scared to cook these days anymore. They just need to feel inspired.” That statement is clear in the food that he prepares. Making a burger is just as much about getting the seasoning and condiments on point as it is about making sure that the food makes a statement on the plate.

Overall, Talde is using his food television show to get people to see their grill more as an outdoor kitchen. He hopes that this show “inspires you to get out there and user grill in a way that maybe you didn’t see it or understand.” It isn’t about the grill that only gets used a handful of times a year or only for hot dogs and hamburgers. It is an extension of the indoor kitchen.

For Talde, he starts with the “theme of the meal.” He recommends instead of looking at “I need a protein and a starch,” and take a step back to a different approach. Whether it is Spanish food, Mexican or something else, it is “starting the conversation” to find the inspiration.

Talde made the analogy to another chef, Jamie Oliver. While Talde admits that whether people like him or not, Oliver “changed the way you looked at cooking because it wasn’t just like here’s the perfect brunoise, perfect dice, minced the garlic.” It was about shopping on the fly, making great food but food that was rustic “but not perfect.” The whole experience was just about “cooking great food.”

In some ways, All Up In My Grill adapts some of those ideas. The food is inspired but the tweezers are not part of the plating method and the gadgets are left in the drawer.

Dale Talde shares the one method of cooking that imparts flavor into food.

While the goal of All Up in My Grill is to show viewers that the grill is that outdoor kitchen, it is the grill that adds that flavor. Talde’s statement about grilling and flavor can change how home cooks look at the cooking method.

Talde said, “the grill is actually only actual cooking method that imparts flavor. No other cooking method imparts flavor. It’s other ingredients that impart flavor, but grilling, you’re actually imparting flavor” to any of the food that is placed on the grill.

Once the home cook realizes that key concept, the possibilities become greater. While people understand how to build flavors in the pan, on a stove, the grill becomes a new place to explore. From that seafood bake to even brunch, the possibilities are endless.

Still, learning to appreciate that the grill can be that outdoor kitchen, Talde recommends that home cooks treat that space like a kitchen. Talde encourages home cooks to think of “cooking on the grill, as if you were cooking on your stovetop.” The only difference is that “you just happen to be outside.”

More importantly, Talde believes that grill is about having fun, enjoying being outside and making it a moment. Whether there is a frosty beverage in your hand or just enjoying the sun on your shoulders, that fun is just as important as the food on the grill.

Whether home cooks make his version of ribs, try the flavors in his hamburgers or just serve Sunday brunch from the grill, Dale Talde is giving home cooks the inspiration to see that grill a little differently. More importantly, that grill isn’t going to get covered up once the colors change. If you have always wanted a bigger kitchen, it might be time to look outside at the outdoor kitchen.

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“All Up In My Grill with Dale Talde premieres June 30 on Tastemade. New episodes will air on Tastemade’s streaming network, available across platforms like YouTube TV, Samsung TV Plus, VIZIO SmartCast TVs, The Roku Channel, Comcast Xfinity X1, and more. All Up In My Grill will also be available on demand on the Tastemade+ app.”

What is your favorite food to put on the grill? Do you like the concept of an outdoor kitchen?