Rachel Bilson shares her tips for flavorful, easy summer treats, interview

Rachel Bilson for Planet Oat oatmilk, photo provided by Planet Oat
Rachel Bilson for Planet Oat oatmilk, photo provided by Planet Oat /

Summer treats are on the menu and Rachel Bilson is whipping up some tasty ones. Like many busy moms, she understands that parents need to balance good nutritional choices with food recipes that kids crave. Luckily, Bilson has found some easy, simple solutions.

Recently, Rachel Bilson shared some of her easy, convenient summer food tips with FoodSided. While the warmer months can have everyone feeling a little busier. Bilson has found ways to keep food simple.

Like many families, having one go-to, multi-purpose ingredient can be a huge time saver in the kitchen. Bilson believes, “Having one ingredient that can do it all is an absolute must for busy parents. I always look for products at the grocery store that serve more than one purpose, Planet Oat oatmilk is one of my go-tos. I can make breakfast, lunch and dinner using the same carton, and that’s huge for me and for our fridge space.”

Even though parents can struggle when they hear the kids open the refrigerator and say “there’s nothing to eat,” the reality is that food inspiration is all around. The idea is to just look a little more closely.

For Bilson, she commented that “I love food, and cooking was definitely something fun for me to explore while spending more time at home over the past year or so. I look for simple recipes that fit all diets and especially love recipes that I can make with my daughter. It’s always fun to try new and trendy things in the kitchen, and with so many great recipes out there these days it’s easy, too!”

While food trends come and go, many people try to incorporate seasonal ingredients into their recipes. Bilson agrees with that concept.

Bilson reflected, “I love to eat seasonally, and it’s very helpful when thinking about a balanced and nutritious diet. This time of year, I fill my plate with roasted zucchini, corn and fresh tomatoes. And for dessert I always do my best to incorporate some sort of fruit. Watermelon and berries are my favorites in the summer!”

Although all that seasonal fruit makes for a sweet ending to a meal, Bilson has shared a favorite dessert that her daughter craves. This sweet treat is tasty, easy and even fun to make as a family.

Specifically, Bilson said, “Planet Oat Dark Chocolate Fudgesicles are our favorite! You just fill the molds, stick them in the freezer and the next day you have these amazing and indulgent snacks. We love to top ours with chocolate drizzle and mini marshmallows!”

While many families have summer traditions, Bilson shared that “every summer we go down the shore with my family on the east coast. One of my fondest memories was getting frozen custard which is basically soft serve. I now get to take my daughter and she loves it as well. We are working on making our own version of frozen custard with planet oat milk. We take dairy breaks and this will be the perfect treat.”

Luckily for everyone, the Planet Oat’s mobile matchmaking truck will be traveling all round the East Coast this summer. Everyone can get a taste of the brand’s Oatmilk, Coffee Creamer and Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert. For more information on locations and other offers, follow Planet Oat on Instagram.

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Have you transformed any summer treats with oatmilk? What summer traditions are you looking forward to this year?