Jeff Mauro has created the perfect meal for you and your dog, interview

Jeff Mauro for CESAR Bestie Bowls, photo provided by CESAR
Jeff Mauro for CESAR Bestie Bowls, photo provided by CESAR /

While Jeff Mauro might be the Sandwich King, his dogs, Pinot G and JoJo, are part of his family’s royal court. Recently, Mauro partnered with the CESAR brand to bring together two of his favorite things, food and his dogs. While his dogs always have a space around the table at dinner time, Mauro has found a way to pair one of his recipes with the new CESAR WHOLESOME BOWLS. Now, both dinners in the bowl get both a thumbs and a paws up.

Many people agree that dogs are beloved members of the family. Since home cooks are always looking for the best food and ingredients to be served at dinner, the same can be said for the food served to the four-legged family members. Don’t they deserve the best too?

For Mauro, he wholeheartedly agrees that his dogs Pinot G and Jojo deserve the best. Recently, he spoke to FoodSided about his partnership and why this Bestie Bowl program is a howling success.

What food does Jeff Mauro serve to his dogs?

Mauro believes that if people are serving healthy, delicious food on their table, their dogs deserve the same food as well. Although the dogs might not be eating off the table, the reality is that some of the food that people like to eat dogs like, too.

Simply stated, Mauro shared “if we’re eating healthy and wholesome, why can’t the dogs eat healthy and wholesome. I’m not feeding them potato chips and sugary snacks.” Whether it is good food choices or getting enough exercise, it is all about treating the dogs just like you would treat yourself.

In the Mauro household, he shared that his dogs love salmon. When he makes some salmon on the wood plank, his dogs gather around the grill. Any of the salmon skin that is stuck to the plank is fed to the dogs. They love it and its good for them.

This idea of giving dogs flavorful, good food makes sense. In many ways, it is part of the concept behind the CESAR WHOLESOME BOWLS. Mealtime can and should be a time that everyone, all family members, have joyful moments around the table.

As part of the Mauro and CESAR partnership, the pair have created the ultimate food pairing for everyone at the table. Available through Postmates, these “paw-fect meal duos” are a bowl for the humans and a bowl for the dogs. Everyone is in for a flavorful dinner.

Mauro created a special bowl that pairs with the CESAR WHOLESOME BOWLS. For the people parents, Mauro’s Chicken & Hot Honey Sweet Potato Bowl is both flavorful and a forkful of healthy eating. Inspired by the CESAR recipe, it shows how food pairings can come in any form.

Even though the people and the dogs have their meals planned, one big question was left on the table. Who is harder to say no to – the dogs or his son? Mauro admitted, “my dogs just stare at us with those eyes and that just kills me every time, so I guess the short answer is that the dogs win.”

If you are ready to give your dogs a win for dinner, serve them some CESAR WHOLESOME BOWLS. For people located in New York City or in Los Angeles, check out Postmates and order the Bestie Bowls, which include Jeff Mauro’s Chicken & Hot Honey Sweet Potato Bowl for the people and the CESAR for the dogs.

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Do you feel your dogs from the table? What do you think of this type of food pairing idea?