How corny are these recipes?

Fresh corn on the cob slathered with lots of melted butter is my idea of heaven. So much butter that it dribbles down you chin when you take a bite. People who love corn, really love corn. Fresh from the garden on the cob, creamed, canned or frozen, we just can’t get enough corn! In July and August, farmer’s markets are full of fresh corn. How to pick the perfect ear? Look for healthy green ears of medium size.  Too small and the ear will have underdeveloped kernels. Too large and the kernels might be tough. The green husk should still be wrapped tightly around the cob.

You’ll enjoy your ears of corn so much more with this tip on how to easily remove the husk and silks from your ear of corn. Simply Recipes has a video with instructions on how to microwave an ear of corn (with the husk intact), then cut of the end and the ear of corn will slide right out, clean as a whistle. No more messing with those pesky corn silks!

Corn is such a friendly vegetable, it is so versatile. It can be served plain or fancy as a side dish, soup, salad or even dessert. One of the best things about corn is that kids love it! Maybe the reason it is so kid-friendly is that it can be enjoyed in so many kid-approved foods. Ever heard of sweet corn ice cream? Food Network has a recipe for creamy, flavorful and fun sweet corn ice cream, topped with caramel corn and for the adults – a splash of bourbon!

Love grilled corn? Try Robert Irvine’s recipe from Food Network. Mix up a spicy mayonnaise with lime juice and spicy chili sauce. When your corn comes hot off the grill, slather it with the spicy mayonnaise and sprinkle it with Monterey Jack cheese and lime salt.

One place I never expected to find fresh corn was in cocktails. But sure enough there are some really good corn cocktails. When you think about it corn is used to make whiskey and vodka, along with wheat, barley and rye,  so it makes sense that corn is very much at home in cocktails. Before we commence to shakin’ up a cocktail, let’ make Grilled Corn with Bloody Mary Butter! The recipe can be found on Combine Bloody Mary mix, butter, cilantro, garlic, jalapeno and hot pepper sauce, then slather grilled corn on the cob with this fabulous spicy butter. Sounds like the perfect summer savory treat doesn’t it?

Now about that corn cocktail. Serious Eats has a recipe for a “playfully fresh corn cocktail” the La Condesa’s Alma Blanca. It combines habanero pepper infused blanco tequila with muddled sweet corn, ginger liqueur, lemon juice, pineapple juice and agave nectar. So many layers of flavor – sweet, spicy and fruity!

What corny recipes are you enjoying this summer? Ready to try some sweet corn ice cream and a fresh corn cocktail?