Bota Box just supersized the premium boxed wine experience

Bota Box XXL, photo provide by Bota
Bota Box XXL, photo provide by Bota /

When the gatherings are enjoyable no one wants to run out of wine. Luckily Bota Box, the premium boxed wine brand, is offering the ultimate supersized offering to ensure that any party goes off without a hitch. Are you prepared for the Bota Box XXL?

This summer has been all about coming back together and celebrating those lost moments. While people should always be cautious about their choices, there is a time when all those stressful moments from the past need to be replaced with more joyous memories. Sometimes, a fun gathering with friends over a glass of wine can offer that spark.

Bota Box has just launched an opportunity for wine lovers to enjoy the most epic wine experience this summer. With the Bota Box XXL, everyone can enjoy good wine, good company and good times all while maintaining a six-foot distance.

According to Nicole Ordonez, Bota Box marketing director, the brand wanted “the Bota Box XXL to inspire neighbors and friends to connect and celebrate together. Bota Box’s delicious, shatterproof wines go wherever the fun is, and, with so many long-postponed gatherings and celebrations taking place, we want to help America throw the ultimate Bota Box block party.”

Although the Bota Box XXL is not available in stores, it is available to be won. Valued at $10,000, the XXL box features bot red and white Bota varietals. Each wine is poured from a different side of the box. The contest runs now through September 14. The giveaway for the ultimate block party, wine and more, is an online event.

Why is Bota Box a perfect choice for outdoor parties?

When it comes to outdoor parties, sometimes glass bottles aren’t the best choice. While beer and hard seltzer is often served in cans, canned wine hasn’t necessarily found its niche market. Whether it is the size of the can or just preferring to drink from a glass, many people to prefer to have their wine served in that glass.

At the same time, more and more consumers are wanting to be environmentally conscious. While more home cooks are aware of food waste, too many bottles in the bin may not be a good look on trash day.

Bota bag-in-box cartons look to solve many solutions. As a Certified Sustainable California winery, the brand wants to be conscious not only about the wine poured but how it is served. When it comes to these boxes of wine, many wine drinkers are happy to have them sitting on the table.

And, for the lucky person who wins that XXL box, or just a regular box, don’t worry about drinking it all in one setting. The special technology keeps that wine fresh for up to 30 days.

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Are you ready to raise a glass to good times and good friends. Bota Box is ready and waiting to be poured.