DoorDash and Beyond Meat want you to get grilling before summer ends

DoorDash Beyond Meat collaboration, photo provided by Beyond Meat / DoorDash
DoorDash Beyond Meat collaboration, photo provided by Beyond Meat / DoorDash /

As the kids head back to school and summer comes to a close, it is time to light up the grill one more time. Thanks to DoorDash and Beyond Meat, the ultimate BBQ-in-a-box could be delivered to your door.

Grilling trends have evolved in the past year. The variety of food options has expanded beyond that old-school burger and hot dog. From bold flavor to plant-based food options, the reality is that the grill is overflowing with choices.

According to a recent DoorDash survey, almost ¾ of respondents are lighting up the grill this summer. While many of these grillers are millennials, the food being cooked over the flame is plant-based. While flavor is still paramount, healthy eating is a big priority.

Although seasonal fruits and vegetables are always a good choice, the reality is that plant-based food has a special place on the table. Compared to other food choices, the Beyond Burger says that it has “35% less total and saturated fat than 80/20 beef, fewer calories, and no cholesterol.” For people who are trying to find balance in a healthy eating lifestyle, this option is a great fit.

For the end of summer DoorDash and Beyond Meat have partnered on a summer grilling kit. Available in select markets while supplies last, these grilling kits include everything that cooks need to make that grilling feast a delicious one.

Although these grilling kits might be available via DashMart, it doesn’t mean that others cannot join in the end of summer celebrations. Beyond Meat is available at numerous retailers.

While it is a plant based food, seasoning it and grilling it similar to beef burgers ensures that it is a delicious experience. In some circumstances, it can even convince the biggest carnivore to make the switch.

And, for those people who prefer to order versus cook, DoorDash is always ready to deliver food to satisfy any craving. From those chicken wings to even that vegetarian special, those favorite foods are just a click away.

For more information on the DoorDash and Beyond Meat grilling package, please visit DashMart website.

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What is your favorite summer grilling recipe? Have you added more plant-based food to your healthy eating lifestyle?