New Dungeons & Dragons inspired NERDS Characters takes gaming up a level

Nerds collaborates with Dungeons and Dragons, photo provided by Nerds
Nerds collaborates with Dungeons and Dragons, photo provided by Nerds /

While a favorite candy always brings a taste of sweetness, the new Dungeons & Dragons inspired NERDS Characters bring a sense of imagination to the candy box. The new limited-edition NERDS Gummy Clusters and Rainbow NERDS Theater Box packaging bring a sense of adventure to the sweet treat.

Periodically candy companies look for partnerships that spark a creative approach beyond the candy bowl. While flavor innovation is always imperative, the reality is that people can have a strong connection with pop culture. That bond can influence a buying decision.

As Joey Rath, Brand Manager for NERDS Candy at Ferrara said “NERDS encourages everyone to celebrate how we’re all better together, a philosophy shared with the legendary Dungeons & Dragons. We’re excited for fans to get their hands on this partnership’s collectable packaging, unleash their imaginations and embark on a NERDS-themed D&D journey while snacking on their favorite candy pieces.”

With the new Dungeons & Dragons partnership, the candy box is more than just a sweet treat. It brings a new spark to that gaming world. From the D&D-inspired NERDS characters to a special game, this concept could spark a new trend on the candy shelf.

The new branded candies allow fans to enter an exclusive game, Restoring Harmony. This special adventure features six different NERDS characters. All of the characters transform into the Dungeons & Dragons worlds.

Shelly Mazzanoble, Brand Manager for Dungeons & Dragons, said “The NERDS brand strongly celebrates individuality and the idea that we can be better together, like a D&D party, and we couldn’t think of better ally to help spread the importance of those qualities.”

Celebrating individuality and creativity is becoming more and more important. While the gaming aspect is intriguing, people are looking for food choices that fit a particular lifestyle. Now a piece of candy is more than just a sweet treat. It represents a part of a person’s personality.

The new Dungeons and Dragons inspired NERDS Characters and candy will be available this month. It can be purchased in stores and online.