Heinz solves the waste of ketchup with a Packet Roller

Heinz Roller Packets, photo provided by Heinz
Heinz Roller Packets, photo provided by Heinz /

Stop what you are doing because we have breaking news. HEINZ is at it again saving us from the real world issues of getting every last drop of ketchup out of the ketchup packet.

There are so many theories out in the world about getting every last drop of ketchup out of the bottle (it’s tapping the ’57’ on the front of the Heinz bottle in case you didn’t know), but has anyone ever cracked the code of getting all the ketchup out of the packet?

The answer is no. Imagine this…you finally get your chicken sandwich and fries delivered to your door and the restaurant only sends one ketchup packet. How will you ever get all the ketchup out for both your sandwich and your fries?

Fear not, the Heinz Packet Roller is here to save the day.

What is the Heinz Packet Roller? 

Honestly, it’s exactly as it sounds! A genius idea. The Heinz Packet Roller is engineered to give condiment lovers every last drop. This might literally be the greatest invention of all time. How have we lived this long without a ketchup roller before?

As more families continue to eat at home and shortages continue to happen across the industry, this could be Heinz’s way to catch up on the shortage that was reported in April from NPR.

Ashleigh Gibson, brand director at Heinz shared a quote with us noting, “There are few things better than the unmistakable taste of Heinz and enjoying a meal with family and friends. Our packets bring the magic to mealtime no matter where people are having their burger and fries but squeezing out every drop is no easy feat. We engineered the Heinz Packet Roller to give fans a whole new way to savor their favorite condiment and ensure the last drop never goes to waste again.”

Now that we got you extremely excited, you are probably wondering where you can snag one of these packet rollers.

Starting today, Wednesday, September 15, fans across the nation can purchase a packet roller for just $5.70 by visiting HeinzPacketRoller.com, while supplies last.

Heinz has always kept their fans on their toes including their latest call for equal packs of hot dogs and buns. This is just one of many solutions the brand has provided for its fans.

Heinz also shared that they will make more than 5.5 billion packets of ketchup in the U.S. this year alone, so don’t let any of it go to waste!

Do you know someone who has been waiting for this invention all of their life? Well hurry and get a packet roller before they’re all gone!