Easy ways to shake up your signature margarita cocktail

(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Tequila Herradura)
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Tequila Herradura) /

Creating a signature margarita cocktail is easier than pouring another ready to drink cocktail. While a margarita is a sour cocktail, not all beverages are the same. Putting aside the preferred tequila used, the other ingredients really make the cocktail shine. Ready to get shaking?

In the recent Cambria Style Magazine, it recommended some simple twists on the classic margarita. Before playing with the flavors, one simple margarita rule should always be followed. It is as easy as counting, one, two, three.

Basically, a well balanced margarita has a sour flavor, a slightly sweet note and a liquor. While tequila is often used, some people have substituted mezcal or other spirits. But, the spirit can take a slight back seat to other flavors.

Often, a margarita is served with a salt rim. Beyond just a traditional kosher salt, other flavored salts can evolve the flavor. From a smoky salt to even a spicy salt, that one element can add to the sipping satisfaction. Whether the salt is on the rim of the glass or the side of the glass, a margarita has a more complete sip with all the elements.

What is your signature margarita cocktail?

As people explore the possibilities that margaritas hold, it can be enjoyable to change a few of the elements. While many people appreciate a spicy element, herbaceous notes can bring a touch of brightness to the glass.

For example, Cambria Style suggests a Strawberry Basil Margarita. The combination of strawberry and basil is classic. The use of the basil leaves brings a wonderful aroma before even the first sip is enjoyed. It awakens the palate and prepares it for that enjoyment.

In addition, that basil helps to keep the cocktail from being too sweet. While the recipe suggests rimming the glass with a Himalayan salt, other salts could be used as well.

Another option is the smoky watermelon lemon margarita. The smoky elements highlight the sweetness of the watermelon. While the lemon adds some brightness, the combination of all the flavor elements show that a margarita can be a quite elevated cocktail.

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For cocktail lovers ready to ditch the mix, it is time to shake up a signature margarita cocktail. Why not experiment with ingredients and flavors. The refreshing journey is worth every sip.