Top Chef Family Style blends entertainment with a culinary journey, exclusive

TOP CHEF FAMILY STYLE -- "Welcome to the Family" Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Marcus Samuelsson, Meghan Trainor -- (Photo by: Patrick Wymore/Peacock)
TOP CHEF FAMILY STYLE -- "Welcome to the Family" Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Marcus Samuelsson, Meghan Trainor -- (Photo by: Patrick Wymore/Peacock) /

As the iconic Top Chef Season 19 heads to Houston, Top Chef Family Style is offering a different culinary adventure to satisfy foodies. While the Peacock food television show is a culinary competition, this new format brings excitement both in and out of the Top Chef kitchen. In some ways, the culinary journey has just begun.

During a recent conversation Tracy Tong, Magical Elves’ executive producer for Top Chef Family Style, and Claire Kosloff, Showrunner for Top Chef Family Style, the pair discussed why this Peacock culinary show appeals to foodies, families and anyone who is looking to step up their food game.

The premise of Top Chef Family Style competition is fairly straightforward. Duos, comprising of a young chef and an older family member, compete in various challenges to earn the coveted title. In addition to many of the iconic Too Chef challenges, there is a sprinkling of family fun to season the competition.

While Top Chef is filled with chefs with numerous accomplishments and judges who are well versed in the culinary world, Top Chef Family Style brought together Marcus Samuelsson and Megan Trainor. Although everyone can appreciate that Samuelsson has a tremendous food pedigree, Trainor is at the opposite end of the food spectrum. But, her craving to learn more about the culinary world makes this pairing even more exciting.

According to the production team, they shared that they were really excited to work with Trainor. The new mom is extremely close to her family and that natural connection made her a great choice for this family-centric show. Since Top Chef Family Style “celebrates family,” adding Trainor to the mix is the perfect fit for “celebrating family, food and cooking in the kitchen with a family member.”

One of the reasons why Trainor is vital to the show’s relatability factor since she “has the point of view of an audience member.” Trainor “wanted to learn more about cooking.” As a new mom, she was absorbing all that information to help her cook better for her family.

Joining her and Samuelsson, “who everyone loves and is also a dad,” was a smart combination. Beyond showing Trainor the ropes, Samuelsson wanted to mentor the young chefs who were part of the culinary competition. As they said, Samuelsson’s approach showed how “incredibly invested he was in their success and in having to be a learning experience for them.”

In many ways, Top Chef Family Style is that show that highlights the best of all-ages entertainment. While foodies might salivate over the impeccably plated dishes and stare in awe of the culinary creativity, the reality is that this show can be the starting point for home cooks to get into the kitchen. Even if the home cook doesn’t know a sous vide from a sauté, enjoying the entertainment of this show can spark a conversation.

That concept is at the heart of the success of Top Chef, and its many versions. While viewers started with the desire to see behind the chef pass and appreciate the cooking on the line, the reality is that the food is a visual representation of what is possible. Taking simple ingredients and transforming them into something spectacular or transporting a person through flavor is a concept that will bring people back to the table and the screen time and again.

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Top Chef Family Style airs on Peacock. New episodes drop every Thursday.

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