Woodford Reserve and Williams Sonoma shake up the home bar

From the iconic Mint Julep to a classic whiskey sour, a carefully crafted cocktail can be poured from the home bar. Through the new partnership between Woodford Reserve and Williams Sonoma, the best bourbon cocktail experience just a pour away.

A carefully crafted cocktail isn’t limited to an expert mixologist’s cocktail shaker. Even though many people have increased their comfort behind the home bar, sometimes a little shortcut can make that cocktail taste even more refreshing.

With this new partnership between Woodford Reserve and Williams Sonoma, these cocktail mixers make enjoying a favorite cocktail just a good shake away. All the guess work is taken out of the process. Simply grab the cocktail mixers, bourbon and a glass and be prepared to enjoy a great sip.

As shared by Chris Morris, Master Distiller for Woodford Reserve said, “Woodford Reserve was crafted to be enjoyed on its own or in delicious cocktails. I cannot think of a better partner than Williams Sonoma, which is known for bringing people together around food and drink,”

Available in three flavors, Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour, and Mint Julep, the cocktail mixers are shortcuts for classic cocktails. Given the attention to the flavor details, they might become bar essentials.

Having tried these cocktail mixers recently, the flavors are crisp and what craft cocktail lovers want from the two respected brands. For example, the Whiskey Sour is perfectly balanced. The touch of sweet with the sour makes each sip more enjoyable. When served chilled in a coupe glass, the cocktail is quite enjoyable.

The same can be said for the other cocktail mixers. From the brightness of the Mint Julep to the subtle notes of the Old Fashioned, it is a simple way to enjoy a refreshing cocktail.

While nothing else is really needed with these cocktail mixes, a few garnishes can complete the drinking experience. From a fresh sprig of mint to an orange twist, those little additions are just as important as the perfect glass for serving.

The Woodford Reserve and Williams Sonoma cocktail mixes are available now. A 16 oz bottle retails for $18.95. They can be bought in stores and online.

Raise a toast to an enriched life and great cocktails thanks to Woodford Reserve and Williams Sonoma.