Magnolia Bakery now has a Banana Pudding Shop

Magnolia Bakery fall offerings, photo provided by Magnolia Bakery
Magnolia Bakery fall offerings, photo provided by Magnolia Bakery /

Holy Banana Pudding! Thanksgiving is officially forty-eight days away and our holidays just got better because Magnolia Bakery is now delivering to anywhere in the United States. YUP YOU READ THAT RIGHT. No more waiting on those long lines on Thanksgiving Eve. But wait, the best part, Magnolia can now ship the decadent and most famous Banana Pudding to your front step!

Possibly the best three words to be shared today: Banana Pudding Shop. If you have never had Magnolia Bakery’s Banana Pudding then yikes, you have been missing out. The sweet and fluffy layers of vanilla flavored custard, mixed with Nilla wafers and sliced fresh bananas is the best dessert in a cup ever invented.

For the first time ever, Magnolia Bakery will be offering Banana Pudding fan favorites online all day, every day, including chocolate hazelnut, red velvet, gluten-free and classic, as well as seasonal flavors. And guess what? The Banana Pudding Shop NEVER closes! This means you can get all your puddings whenever you crave them.

The delicious shop comes with Magnolia Bakery’s most recent update to their website, which is an an all-new direct-to-consumer experience, making it even easier for fans to get the desserts they love shipped right to their door.

The new will now offer exclusive seasonal and holiday items. You want Pumpkin Spice Banana Pudding? Check, it’s there! Looking for Thanksgiving pies? Perfect, that’s there too! Holiday Cookie Baskets just in time for National Cookie Day (December 4)? Yum, that’s available too!

A tub of Banana Pudding starts at $45.00 and to celebrate the new website, Magnolia Bakery will give you 25 percent off of your first order with code WELCOME25.

What that really means? Order everything on the menu, obviously. Be sure to take advantage of the deal as discounts are available while supplies last now through October 24.

And no matter where you are in the U.S., there is a $20 flat-rate shipping on all orders through the end of the year. Now that’s something to smile about (and the perfect excuse to add a few more items to the order).

Thinking of trying to make the famous banana pudding on your own? Then checkout this step-by-step on, courtesy of Magnolia Bakery.

So what are you waiting for? Order from now!