Where can you find the new Carl’s Jr Candied Bacon?

The old phrase of everything is better with bacon take a turn with the new Carl’s Jr Candied Bacon. Although just the phrase can make many people’s mouth water, the reality is that the new menu item is only available at select restaurants. Could this sweet and savory treat be a taste of the future food offering?

Periodically, quick service restaurants test menu items at select locations. Whether it is getting feedback from loyal guests to testing the demand in general, these limited time menu offers usually come with a lot of commentary. Although some foodies travel a great distance to get that first taste, others beg, plead and cajole the brand to make that food available to everyone.

In a recent announcement, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr Candied Bacon is available at select restaurants in Bakersfield, California, Champaign-Springfield, Illinois and Dothan, Alabama. The sweet and savory can be added to a variety of menu items including Candied Bacon Angus Thickburger and Candied Bacon Biscuit with Fried Egg.

More importantly, there is a Candied Bacon Snack Pack. This menu item could become the hot menu item. While some breakfast restaurants offer this type of snack, other quick service restaurants do not. Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s could start a new restaurant trend.

What other new menu items join the Carl’s Jr Candied Bacon?

According to the brand Carl’s Jr is offering Tender Bites at select locations in Paducah, Kentucky, Knoxville, Tennessee, Sacramento, California, Tucson, Arizona and Palm Springs, California. Similar to the favorite Hand-Breaded Chicken, the flavors are the same, but the size is smaller.

Each of the Tender Bites are served with the choice of dipping sauce. Whether enjoyed as a snack, appetizer or even a side (instead of fries), these poppable Tender Bites should be a huge hit. In addition, it could become a secret menu hack. Why not add some of these Tender Bites on top of a plate of fries for a bigger meal.

While these new menu items have limited availability, many people will keep their fingers crossed that next year everyone can get a taste. Which food would you like to try first?