Philadelphia cream cheese wants to share free holiday desserts

Philly Cream Cheese, photo provided by Philly Cream Cheese
Philly Cream Cheese, photo provided by Philly Cream Cheese /

Walking through the refrigerated section might seem a little empty, especially on the Philadelphia cream cheese shelf. While that barren space has people hungry for their favorite cheesecake dessert, that missing signature ingredient has that craving left unfilled. But, it doesn’t mean that dessert is totally off the table.

Many people are learning to adapt when their favorite food is off the shelf. While it can be difficult, change will be coming.

As Philadelphia Marketing Director, Basak Oguz said, “For the past 150 years, Philadelphia cream cheese has been a staple in American households, especially around the holidays. As we continue to see elevated and sustained demand, we want to want to ensure that there’s enough cream cheese for bagels, cheesecakes, and everything in-between. We’re excited to share that we’re investing millions of dollars so Philadelphia cream cheese will be available to anyone that wants it, wherever they like to shop, for the next 150 years and beyond.”

Since the holiday season is about enjoying that little extra, that sweet treat, the overflowing dessert table, the indulgence cannot go without satisfaction, even if one ingredient can’t be found. So, it might be time to think outside of the refrigerated section.

This year, Philadelphia cream cheese is going to be giving away $20 so that people can go buy a dessert on them. It might not be that homemade cheesecake, but it could be time to splurge on that buche noel, trifle or maybe even a piecaken.

Check this video for a little more holiday cheer.

To try to secure that $20, please visit starting on December 17 at 9 a.m. ET. All the specifics can be found on the website.

This holiday season, life doesn’t have to be about what is missing on the table. Even if the holiday dessert is usually a cheesecake, the holiday cheer isn’t forgotten because a different sweet treat is on the table. Take a little stress out of the occasion and let someone else be the baking hero. It might be the best present that you receive this season.