Lay’s Golden Grounds goes where no chip has gone before

Lay's Golden Grounds, photo provided by Lay's
Lay's Golden Grounds, photo provided by Lay's /

Food and sports are forever entwined, and the perfect chip for football fans is not an easy title to earn. With the new Lay’s Golden Grounds, the foundation and the flavor of the greatest chips in football history are forever tied to the glory of the home team.

True football fans are loyal. Even when that double doink dashes the dreams of post season or that hail mary was tipped into the opponents outstretched hands, true fans will wash that lucky jersey and hope that the next season ends in championship glory.

As the post season begins, some fans are ready to cheer their team to hoisting the Lombardi Trophy while others are cheering for the food spread. In either case, having a nod to their favorite team on the table can make those first downs and touchdowns even better.

What are the Lay’s Golden Grounds?

Over the years, Frito-Lay has drawn inspiration from the NFL. From team partnerships to NFL player commercials, the connection between snacks and football runs deep. But, the Lay’s Golden Grounds are deeply rooted in football legacy.

From the Frozen Tundra to the Mile High peak, football stadiums are the heart of the football fandom. Although few regular people will experience the opportunity to run out of the tunnel to thousands of cheering fans, that hallowed ground is sacred. Now, it is flavoring Lay’s Golden Grounds.

While Jerry Rice brings the commentary on this offering, it is more than just a speck of dirt and a dream. For more information on how Lay’s grew this idea into the perfect chip for football fans, check out this video.

While that special soil might not offer the boldest flavoring into that bag of potato chips, it is like the secret sauce that just seems to make that bite taste better. Sure, those Lay’s Chips will still have that perfect crunch, but there is something more. Although Willy Wonka might have had a golden ticket in his chocolate bar, these Lay’s Golden Grounds might be the football fan’s shining victory snack.

Although these Lay’s potato chips would sell out instantaneously, the special offering will not be available in stores. According to Frito-Lay, “fans will have the chance to win a bag of these limited-edition chips.” Via a Twitter event, fans are encouraged to “respond to the tweet showing love for your favorite NFL team” using @Lays and #LaysGoldenGrounds, #Sweepstakes & official NFL hashtag of your favorite team. Complete rules and regulations can be found online.

Some people might be focuses on staying classy, but true football fans are staying golden. Will you be lucky enough to enjoy a taste of the Lay’s chips that have been infused with the grounds and the glory of your favorite team? Victory never tasted so good.